Ventura County may be next on the condom wagon

Ventura County may be next on the condom wagon

Sammi Sammi
No real surprise - when LA county mandated condom use in porn, shoots began occurring elsewhere - in particular Ventura County. Apparently the county is going to introduce an ordinance in May on a "fast track", because of the increase in the number of porn shoots taking place there.

So what do you think? Will Ventura County pass a condom law? If they do, where do you think the porn shoots will move to next? It makes me wonder if porn will eventually migrate out of California into other "unprotected territories."
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Gary Gary
After hearing a number of porn stars talk about why condom use isn't something they want for both comfort and safety, it got me thinking....

Yes there are occasionally scares in the adult industry, and some do lead to various diseases being spread, but this is pretty rare. I get that the idea is to protect people, however I can't help but think about what this law would be like if we broaden the scope to include all people who have been diagnosed with a disease.

What if the adult industry increased its testing standards, and there were more laws to protect people from partners that knowingly pass along diseases without telling them.
P'Gell P'Gell
I think if California counties keep passing these laws porn will move to Nevada or north.

I honestly think that these laws are ridiculous. All jobs have risks, people who do porn work get tested and they know the risks to their job. Personally, I prefer porn without condoms, but that's just me. I know my husband doesn't like using condoms often (we're fluid bonded, obviously, as we have kids, so it isn't an issue for us)and I'm allergic to latex. So, we prefer either vintage porn, or condomless porn. I mean, we won't turn it off because of condoms, but we just prefer it. Also, even in porn that uses condoms for PIV, the guy takes it OFF when he gives a facial. HOW does that "protect" the woman in any way, anyway?
married with children married with children
yes, porn will move out of the state of cali. the industry has shown that they don't agree with the new laws by moving to a different county. The local governments will continue to kill business with laws like this, and they will move to a more business friendly place
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