Bob Morris says

Contributor: K101 K101
Apparently this Bob Morris refuses to support girl scouts because he thinks Girl Scouts are in some way linked with Planned Parenthood! From what I've learned this is not true, but I found it to be a bit... much that this bob dude would be so torn up over the poor little cookie girls!

I just think there are FAR bigger issues than the little scouts and quite frankly, I love that Girl Scouts exists! I wasn't ever a scout, but it seems to be a very nice experience for girls. A place where girls can be girls, can learn, spend time still being a child and even gain a little empowerment! OK, OK you guessed it... I'm a huge Girl Scout cookie eater! Ha Ha. Kidding. OK I'm not kidding. I actually had girl scout cookies (samoas) right in my bedroom as I read articles about this Bob guy! How funny!

I think Girl Scouts is a really great thing. One of our close family friends has a daughter who's been a scout for years and she's learned a lot and really enjoys it! She's a teen now and still involved! Instead of spending her time out with boys on the weekend, she's pushing cookies We've always supported her girl scouts and have bought MILLIONS of cookies. Really. My mom just spent a crap load of $ on the cookies!

So, are what do you think? Do you support the scouts or do you think they're evil? Also, just for fun, what are your favorite Girl Scout cookies (if you eat them)?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
I do not like the Girl Scouts "club" (Please explain?)
I do not even know what Girl Scouts is!
I think Girl Scouts are great!
I was a Girl Scout
I am indifferent.
Sorry, but Bob is right! Girl Scouts are bad... very bad! (Please explain why?)
I do not eat the cookies.
My favorite Girl Scout cookies are Samoas!
My favorite cookies are the lemon ones.
My favorite are the peanut butter cookies.
My favorite are the thin mints!
Kendra, you left out one of the Girl Scout's cookies! (Sorry if I did.)
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Contributor: Djiffy Djiffy
I was a girl scout back in elementary school, until they kicked me out because I was "not upholding their christian values," meaning my parents got divorced and they didn't want to deal with that. No idea why they penalized a child for it, but meh, whatever.
Contributor: js250 js250
I was a girl scout leader for a year. When my daughter was in it, it was fun and I think it is a great organization.
Contributor: DreamWolf DreamWolf
I find the whole thing totally cool! As long as they aren't brainwashed, see the references Alex Jones mentions for example... ~smiles frowny
Contributor: gsfanatic gsfanatic
As far as I've heard, the girl scouts are a great organization, although there can be bad individual groups (organizations being made up of people and all that)
Contributor: Errant Venture Errant Venture
I thought this thread was an updated version of Simon Says. I am disappoint.
Contributor: BoobCopter BoobCopter
The Girl Scouts are pretty alright. It'd be pretty cool if they were linked to Planned Parenthood.
Contributor: BlackCrescent BlackCrescent
I always feel guilt tripped into buying cookies, it's hard to say no to a child.
Contributor: Rory Rory
I just think its a shame the club selling the cookies doesn't get more $$$ when they sell cookies.
Contributor: Falsepast Falsepast
I dont really know
Contributor: karenm karenm
I wa a girl scout and I liked it. I thought it was a great way to get kids together. I was pretty young though, so I can't say much of its views.