How Do You Feel About "Sexy" Halloween Costumes? - from Em and Lo

How Do You Feel About "Sexy" Halloween Costumes? - from Em and Lo

Em & Lo Em & Lo
Do "sexy" Halloween costumes give shy, closeted exhibitionists a chance to live on the wild side for once. Or are they just a tacky way for the vain to get attention. Perhaps Halloween is a kids' holiday and adults shouldn't even be dressing up in the first place. Let us know what you think, both in the comments below and the poll on
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
It should be a choice to wear them, not 'this is all we got in stock'. I've given up on store-bought costumes for the time being, and just make my own so my thighs don't feel exposed and I have something covering my shoulders.

Besides ... "Ain't it cold in that?"
domsub1993 domsub1993
I don't celebrate Halloween, so I don't wear the costumes for that. I do, however, love wearing costumes for role play in the bedroom.
Jaimes Jaimes
Eh, I'm mixed. Depends who is wearing them. I don't really think parents should let their middle or high school aged girls wear them, especially if it's the parents purchasing them. While I'm not a prude about the bedroom, I am a bit prudish in my thoughts concerning appropriate clothing for a young woman (school aged). If you still need a ride to school in your mom's minivan, I shouldn't be seeing your ass cheeks in shorty shorts or mini skirts, and I still believe that to be true on Halloween. Besides, I live in Atlanta and have had to wear a full coat plenty of Halloween nights. How are you not freezing?!

But if you of an appropriate age and want to get your strut on, go for it, and have a ball! It's not my thing. I like to be as sexy as possible without showing much skin at all.
Cherrylane Cherrylane
Eh. Depends.

I think it's totally reasonable for women to want to look attractive, even when they dress up. Even if your outfit is truly spectacular and hilarious, you probably won't feel as awesome in it if you know you, in your totally vain way, look unattractive in it.

For me, what's bothersome, is ALL of the out of the box standard "sexy" outfits. Sexy witch, sexy cat, sexy pirate, sexy school girl, sexy nurse, whatever. I mean come on at least be creative. I had a friend go as a crossword puzzle using black tights, heels, a black top hat and a white pillowcase with the crossword on the back and the hints on the front. It ended up super sleek looking, people got the chance to touch her and stare at her while they filled out the puzzle, and it was also really creative and fun. I saw a group of girls put together a really cute version of the ninja turtles, which was also cool.

Whenever I see sexy witches, cats, nurses, whatever on halloween, I know their real intention is JUST to evoke sex, not halloween good times accomplished while being attractive. They're saying look at me, I'm a sexy cat. Not look at how baller and creative my outfit is and how kickass I look in it. I much prefer the latter.
Ace <3 Ace <3
I hate all these slutty costumes. It's so demoralizing. Women think they have to look a certain way for someone else to be attracted to them. Which is totally not the case, or it shouldn't be at least.

However, I can't deny that Halloween always presents the opportunity to be someone else for the day...
- Kira - - Kira -
I'm dressing pretty slutty this Halloween (with one of the standard boxed outfits because I no artistic sense and would end up looking awful if I tried to sew something together on my own). I dress pretty slutty every weekend though, so it's not really a departure from what I would normally do, it just happens to have a theme on Halloween. I'd actually feel very uncomfortable in something that wasn't low cut or a skirt that came below my knees if I wasn't at work. Just not my style.

I don't particularly care what people wear on Halloween. I'm not a big fan of the 12 year olds in mini skirts. If someone is of age and decides to wear pasties and a skirt on Halloween and call it an outfit, well, you don't get many times a year where you can do that so more power to them. If someone doesn't want to dress that way, then they don't have to. It should be a day to dress however you see fit and have fun.
married with children married with children
I love sexy outfits. but there is a difference between sexy and slutty. I dont want to see slutty walking down the street. keep that at home, please. thats my thought anyways.
Errant Venture Errant Venture
What if they're dressed up as a slut?

Anyway, if they're comfortable in whatever they're dressed up as, then it's fine by me - you know, over a certain age.
Sex'и'Violence Sex'и'Violence
I like dressing up sexy for Halloween
geliebt geliebt
I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but I just dislike premade storebought costumes in general, so I'm not a fan of the bagged kind of sexy costumes. I think they can certainly be inappropriate in certain times and places, but generally I have no problems with sexy costumes!
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