Interesting Fashions

Interesting Fashions

Maxim Maxim
Interesting Fashions

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edeneve edeneve
lol - too funny. can you imagine someone walking down the street in these?
November November
Maxim! I haven't see you around in a long time! It's nice to know you're still here and also to see you taking part in the forums!

These jackets are too funny. At least someone has a sense of humor and doesn't take their designs too seriously. LOL
Sincerely yours, N Sincerely yours, N
Those were pretty funny. I could see those becoming a fashion in certain social groups.
Maxim Maxim
They are great, aren't they?

I am sure you can get one specially made by the artist. Who knows, we might get one made for a Giveaway - now there is an idea.

And yes, November, I am here and if anyone has any questions feels free to drop me a line!
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