Plus Size Designations and Representation

Plus Size Designations and Representation

Cherrylane Cherrylane
So I'm writing this as I watch an episode of Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss, which for anyone unfamiliar is a "second" series of the original Say Yes to the Dress focusing exclusively on plus-sized brides.

It kind of got me thinking, as I've also noticed several other shows that seem to be "reaching out" to the plus size community out there, like "Big Sexy" which apparently centers around plus size models. In the commercial for the series one of the ladies states "once you go big you never go twig." While I'm really happy to see more voluptuous ladies in TV, I can't help but wonder if the format isn't still a bit derogatory. The original Say Yes to the Dress is still just "the original" and now that the plus sized brides are on the other show, it's dominated by much smaller women. There are plenty of shows about models, doctors, whatever, and most of them are skinny, but the plot lines and focus of the series tend not to be about their size. However, for all the shows that feature larger people, they almost always seem to revolve around size.

Sometimes I feel like the specific representation is good, but other times I kind of wish they just made a point to include plus size people in the mix. You know, treated everyone the same kinda? Instead of sorting and separating. Skinny/"Normal" over here and all the big people over there. Like how the Big Sexy lady made the twig comment... I mean, I'm little, and I don't diss larger people. Why can't we just try and make everyone feel good and beautiful and not make it seem like a competition of warring parties? Can't we all just get along?

That said. Lane Bryant's "Throw the world a curve" campaign is nice. I was SO offended when the controversy over their provocative ad featuring a gorgeous plus size women leaving to go out in nothing but sexy underwear and a trench coat was taken off the air for being too sexy or w/e. VS models wear way less and get to roll around and spread their legs and whisper at the camera but a plus sized lady can't leave the house? Gimme a break lol. Anyways...

What do you all think?
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Ghost Ghost
It seems to me that, atleast when it comes to pop culture, if you are fat, you aren't anything but fat. The consequence of that is that any programming involving a fat person is probably going to focus on their fatness and what it's like to be fat and the fat lifestyle.

I find most of it laughable, but sad, as fat women still have to conform to certain roles to be acceptable: they have to have "proper" proportions, with have to be otherwise completely beautiful and feminine. Fuck that. I prefer Rosanne.

By the way, I am "fat" and I don't mind the word. Sorry if it offends you or anyone else.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
It's depressing. It's still segregation by appearance. We have the exact same personalities whether fat or thin, but that doesn't matter when it comes to appearance. And people wonder why I have a hang-up about it. I actually had a blind date dump me before the date started because he couldn't correlate the witty, funny woman he emailed to the ugly, fat woman who showed up. It's a sadness that an otherwise nice union is destroyed by one person's bigotry.

But I'm probably not making the right point - it's still segregation and it focuses on that fetish of segregation. If there was a 'white bride' show and a 'colored bride' show, everyone would raise a stink about it. In this case, we're told 'shut up, at least we're giving you airtime!'.
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