Secret sex video linked to NJ student's suicide

Secret sex video linked to NJ student's suicide

Kindred Kindred
I just read an article about a Rutger's student that committed suicide after he was secretly videotaped having a sexual encounter with another man by his roommate. The roommate webcast the encounter live. I couldn't believe what I was reading, that we still have such abhorrent behavior in this day and age. Makes me furious, but most of all sad.

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usmcwife99 usmcwife99
Just plain sad that people would do that to someone.

Ime not saying its right or that people should have to worry but I think what we can all learn to do is make sure theres no webcam in view.
Curves Curves
i am from new jersey and i live a few miles away from a Rutger's campus and i remember hearing about this. it's so disgusting that someone would do that to another human being.
K101 K101
Wow! That is so horrible. I can't believe someone would want to humiliate and strip a person of their rights and pretty much everything just for a good laugh. That is sick!

I'm terrified of web cams. I had mine hacked once and was chatting with a male family mem on FB when he told me he could see me plucking my eyebrows while I waited for his Instant Messages. I thought he was kidding until he told me everything I'd done for the past hour and described my clothing. It was very scary! I kee duct tape or a post it over my cam now.

How sad that people have to go through such hell to protect themselves and their own privacy.
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