Tulisa and Sex: Your opinion?

Contributor: apreslapetitmort apreslapetitmort
I don't know if anyone's heard/seen, but recently a sex tape of Tulisa from N-Dubz was released. Her rebuttal was a cleverly thought out and brilliantly executed video response. Do you think that sex tapes shouldn't be made by celebrities? Do you think we/the media should back off of celebrities lives?
I mean, young children are submitted to these things no matter what we try to do. Do you think that's right?
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Don't care.
21  (100%)
Tulisa handled it brilliantly. We should back off.
She deserves it.
Total votes: 21
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Contributor: Errant Venture Errant Venture
I don't care, though I could make a stab at answering your question:

Celebrities should be free to make sex tapes and what have you, and I think the media should back off (in general). However, in this instance, it wasn't so much the media that was at fault - they were merely reporting the news, this time - but rather the guy who released the tape, was.

I'm more interested in her being embarrassed when she was discovered to have a sex toy in her luggage. As she was passing through airport security, one guard noticed her toy was vibrating. She later stated that it wasn't hers, and that it was for a friend. Which is ridiculous, as I'm sure my fellow members can guess at.

And then there's the attitude of her ex's friends, saying that he's been replaced ...
Contributor: apreslapetitmort apreslapetitmort
I suppose, though, because of the media being so intrusive, and sex being such a "bad thing" (honestly, it feels like we're still in the Victorian era sometimes), celebrities are "forced" to lie about their sexual escapades. I'm a bit bummed so many people have just voted with "Don't care" ... I was hoping for some sort of Sex vs The Media discussion.
Contributor: Errant Venture Errant Venture
Well, technically, the Victorians were pretty sex-positive. You should read some of the letters Victoria and Albert wrote to each other.
Contributor: SoloJoe SoloJoe
dont matter to me
Contributor: Rory Rory
If you make sex tapes for private use you never expect them to go public. If your a celebrity and it makes it out then everyone will hear about it. Make them if you want just be prepared to deal with it if it gets out.
Contributor: BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
not the most important thing in my life so don't care much I would watch them if they are free