First Date Dealbreakers

First Date Dealbreakers

Eden C. Eden C.
I don't mean relationship problems, I mean something that a hot person could have or do that would completely turn you off.

I try not to have empirical rules about dating, but sometimes you have to draw the line. My dealbreakers are:

1. Racism; you would not believe how much I encounter this. The LGBT community tends to be progressive, but apparently I keep finding the ones who are stuck in the Jim Crow era. Maybe it's because I live in the South.

2. A list of cheating or abusing previous girlfriends: I'm not going through that shit again.

3. Closet cases: I came out at 13. I deserve to be dated and loved out in the open, not to be kept as an embarrassing secret.

What are yours?
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Eden C. Eden C.
Haha I just realized this discussion has been created several times. Sorry! Feel free to share, though!
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