Girls : Do you have a "checklist"?

Girls : Do you have a "checklist"?

Callisto Callisto
I have a few things I would prefer and a few things that are complete deal breakers as far as finding someone to spend the rest of my life with.

What are yours?

I basically want someone open minded who I can experiment with.. someone sweet and considerate but also masculine at the same time (tall order there) and someone who is ok with PDA.
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Ghost Ghost
Can't smoke, eat meat, do drugs, or be highly into any organized religion.
toxie m toxie m
Is taller than me, doesn't smoke or have any addictions, like animals (cats specifically, since I have one), dominant, intelligent, and has a very silly side.

I managed to find a lad who fits all of that, and it is so lovely
hearts and hardons hearts and hardons
Originally posted by Ghost
Can't smoke, eat meat, do drugs, or be highly into any organized religion.
I like your list!
P'Gell P'Gell
I don't know if I consciously made a list while I was dating. I did know what I was looking for. A man who is masculine and strong, who is willing and able to make a living, work hard and support a family. A man who is willing to love me with everything he has, and whom I can talk to honestly. That's what I got.

Aside from that, I didn't rule boys or men out due to particular behaviors, as long as they were mostly legal. Guys who seemed abusive or jerky never got a chance with me.

But, I found when I was very young and too specific about what I "wouldn't tolerate" I ended up ruling out some really wonderful men. I changed my once rather narrow tolerances and met some really nice men. You can make your list so narrow that only a fantasy suffices.
Jul!a Jul!a
I'm with P'Gell and I'm not sure if I ever really thought about it while I was dating. I knew what kind of stuff I wouldn't put up with and left if that stuff started happening. Stuff like trying to control my appearance or who I hung out with. I can appreciate my significant other not really wanting me to get more tattoos, but when I've always preferred my hair short with fun colors in it and he knew that when we started dating and then to tell me that he wanted me to leave my hair brown and grow it out and always wear it down even though wearing it down would sometimes cause me to just be extremely irritable because I really needed to get it off my neck, that shit I'm not putting up with.

I knew that I wanted somebody who supported me in the things I wanted to do, would be logical about the things he wasn't as fond of, and would love me even when I was in a bad mood. My husband is all of those things and so many more and completely perfect for me
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