How much effort do you put into your sex life?

How much effort do you put into your sex life?

Timaree Timaree
Between preparing (buying toys, lingerie, shaving, working out, etc), and the actual act (physical grunt labor), how hard do you work?
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I buy all of the toys, 98% of her lingerie, we both shave and I initiate 90% of our encounters.

Luckily for me, in spite of her apparent reluctance, onece we begin she never short-changes our experience. I've shown her how much pleasure she can have by being on top (Cowgirl) - so in the end, she may work a little harder than me!
Jessica Elizabeth Jessica Elizabeth
Well, all of our sex accessories come from my toy reviewing, so I put all the effort in there. However, it's D who initiates and does most of the work during actual intercourse. For foreplay and all that, it's probably 75% his work, 25% mine, though that's how he wants it.
Alicia Alicia
Well as far as buying the toys and lubes and stuff..that's primarily all me. As for the initiating sex..that's about 50/50. The foreplay he probably does more than I do and actual sex is 50/50.
P'Gell P'Gell
Originally posted by Timaree
Between preparing (buying toys, lingerie, shaving, working out, etc), and the actual act (physical grunt labor), how hard do you work?
A heck of a lot of work. We have toys, I have lingerie. I try to stay smooth and soft and above all, clean. I have special sheets and towels for when I have my period (neither of us could go a week without it.) I do some yoga, but it's not really for sex, although My Man wants me to be able to put my leg behind my head, I can't do that, and I don't see it happening.

The work involved IN sex? A lot! I not only have a High Orgasmic Threshold (which makes it more work to orgasm) but I like to put a lot of effort into giving him oral sex, resistance (I mean holding on to the sides of the bed etc, OK the other kind, too. ) squeezing when he's inside, throwing a leg over HIS shoulder. Sometimes I just lie there, while he does things to me (ahhhh) but, then I'm busy trying to get to that sometimes elusive first orgasm. We often have sex for hours, so, it's a lot of work. Worth every minute.

Sex, at least for us, is the glue that binds our relationship. It holds us together, along with a lot of other hard work. It's certainly more fun than working out issues with the kids, ourselves, our families etc.
Blinker Blinker
Lot of work goes into it. Researching positions, buying equipment, testing lubes, finding the right time of day to coordinate actually having sex so his parents or friends won't bother all takes work, but it's not unpleasant. During sex we work a lot. Trying new angles (he always hits my cervix which stops the act for a minute), ropes slipping, handcuffs's a slapstick comedy but it works. I love my sex life and the man I share it with
BoomersGirl BoomersGirl
I used to make a lot of effort between teasing, buying books, toys and lingerie and all that. But I'm at a phase where I'm fed up with a lot of things OUTSIDE of the bedroom, so I'm not as interested in things IN the bedroom. Although I just saw a new toy I really really want, so maybe when I can save up for that, it will put some excitement back in the bed!
fatesrelease fatesrelease
I feel like both my partner and I put a lot of effort into our sexual relationship. We are always working to better it. It's a fun thing to do together!
Naughty Student Naughty Student
Toys/Lingerie thats all me!

I shave more often than he does. I don't work out much but he does lots of sports.

He initiates about 85% of the time (maybe I am over estimating) and he does ALL the work, I'm a lucky girl.

I used to do all the work bcs I could only orgasm if I was on top but then we got a squeeky bed so we changed our tatcics and found something else that worked better.

We rarely have any foreplay but oral sex and manual stimulation makes about 40% of our love making. We don't always have penetrative sex. I do 95% of the I guess we are equall if he does all the hard work, lol.
Sera Sera
Originally posted by Timaree
Between preparing (buying toys, lingerie, shaving, working out, etc), and the actual act (physical grunt labor), how hard do you work?
Gosh, that's a good question. He's not really much of a toy experimenter, and he doesn't shave, but I do, I really work at it. He just jumps in for the sex, but I like to warm up to it first so that I'm really passionate about it. Sometimes it's really confusing about how he feels about our relationship overall and the effort that we put in is not always equal. I do put a lot in...I don't know about him sometimes. I think he does too. I just can't always see it.
sasweetheart89 sasweetheart89
I would say I put quite a bit of effort in. I keep clean shaved, I am researching toys to enhance our sex life on EF allll the time, I work out pretty regularly, and I initiate more than half of the time. As far as the grunt work during sex, not so much, only because he really like being on top
UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
I think we put in an equal amount into the act itself.
nova2014 nova2014
I feel that we put in an equal amount though leaning towards him doing more since he initiates more. We both shave and he works out while I buy the birth control and lingerie and the physical depends on whatever position we try
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