I work as a cam girl. Would it bother you if you were dating someone that did that?

I work as a cam girl. Would it bother you if you were dating someone that did that?

OrangeKushBB OrangeKushBB
I've been working as a cam girl for about 6 months and the guy I'm dating doesn't seem to thrilled about it. What do you guys think?
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Ummm..no way!
Gunsmoke , tami , nanamondoute , Zombirella , married with children , HannahPanda , booboo111926 , meezerosity , DeliciousSurprise , CaliGirl , TWE112 , Rin (aka Nire) , nova2014
13  (38%)
Yeah why not - it's really not THAT big of a deal!
humblepie , Beck , Red Vinyl Kitty , ^Allen^ , WICKA , britanny0620 , thisisadeletedaccount , Aberrant , Gone (LD29) , ghent529 , gsfanatic , Willowe , ToyGeek , lesglitter , zaftigzoo , MistressDandelion
16  (47%)
Don't really care
Geogeo , amazon , haley730 , MaeGal , HotMilk
5  (15%)
Total votes: 34
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I wouldn't appreciate it - but I'm old - and school @ nearly 58. It really doesn't matter what old guys like me think - what matters is that you find a partner - or partners who are OK with it.
humblepie humblepie
I think it would depend on their attitude. If I felt like they liked performing for others more than being sexual with me, I'd be upset. Other than that, I wouldn't care.
Beck Beck
Not a big deal to me.
Red Vinyl Kitty Red Vinyl Kitty
Tell him as soon as he pays your bills for you, you'll stop. I don't know, I'd be really bothered if my husband wanted me to stop caming. I'd stop, but there's pretty much no chance he'll want me to since I've been doing it this long. Honestly though, I've been caming for nine years, and him being suddenly not OK with it would be what would really be bothering me.
tami tami
to each his or her own....not something i would do but if you wanna do it an people wanna see it go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
amazon amazon
Exactly, to each their own. Why judge what others do?
Guy is probably trying to discourage you from showing yourself to others. Reverse psychology is what I see in the situation ...
Sex Positivity Sex Positivity
I want to work as a camgirl, but my beau won't allow it.
SMichelle SMichelle
It's not a big deal to me at all.
nanamondoute nanamondoute
I wouldn't want to date someone who does that..but I'm a pretty conservative person when it comes to stuff like this.
Chirple Chirple
It would really depend on why and their plans for the future.

I'm not saying that it would be a problem if it was a long-term plan, but it would be problematic if they didn't realise how it could limit their future employment - say they get a degree in teaching. Them not being able to get a job doing that could put a lot of stress on the relationship - and them not having researched that would say something about them as a person.

Nope, I wouldn't care. I don't think it's morally wrong or anything. Then again I'm also the least romantically jealous person I've ever met.
HannahPanda HannahPanda
I'm not sure. It isn't morally wrong to me, but it might bother me a bit. I can't really say.
booboo111926 booboo111926
i wouldn't like it
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
As long as it was a job they were comfortable having and felt safe doing, I'd be okay with it, I think. My partners get to make their own career decisions.
meezerosity meezerosity
I personally wouldn't but to each their own!
CaliGirl CaliGirl
My man would freak.
ghent529 ghent529
I'd be up set if i found out that my girl was doing it. but it'd blow over.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
I wouldn't really care. It'd be a nasty surprise, but if I knew upfront, not a big deal
ToyGeek ToyGeek
If I was with someone for a long time, and then at some point during the relationship they started that sort of work without telling me, I'd be miffed, but it would be the kind of thing I'd be over in a few days. If they were already doing it before we dated, I'd have no real right to be upset, after all, it's not really first date conversation, and then it immediately drifts into that gray area of when you trust someone enough to reveal a secret without it being too long before you revealed your secret to count as lying, which I recognize as an unfair situation.

The actual camming probably wouldn't upset me.
TWE112 TWE112
I definitely wouldn't want my girlfriend to do that. But that's just me.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
(For the record, I didn't read carefully enough and got a little confused by the poll options, so my response of "Um, no way!" was in reference to the thread title.)

Hard to say, but it probably wouldn't bother me too much.
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