Internet Dating Easy or Hard?

Internet Dating Easy or Hard?

jazz4me jazz4me
Have you tried internet dating and if so do you find that it is hard to find someone that way? I have a ton of friends that belong to several sites, yet have not found the one.
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I love internet dating and have had success with it.
Solar Ray , DeliciousSurprise , girl next door , SiNn , BadassFatass , lkb , ellejay , G.L. Morrison , cherie2188 , Evenlei , sexygoddess , CafeSabroso , csweatc , Sohotdinosaur , Rachel Nunez , angel142stx , w-o-name , Redheadinfla , Karen Affeldt , hornypoet69 , slynch
I have tried it and all the people I meet are losers.
Chilipepper , zracer , pinkcupcakes , toxie m , Darling Jen , Rika , ninaspinkturtle , link82 , Ms. Paprika , potstickers
I have tried it and fund dates but not the one.
LavenderSkies , ColorSplash , liilii080 , Tart , BluePixi
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LavenderSkies LavenderSkies
I went into it not expecting much and that's exactly what I recieved back from it.
BBW Talks Toys BBW Talks Toys
I didn't meet my Mr through online dating, but I did meet him online. We've been together nearly 10 years, and married nearly 9.
RonLee RonLee
I tried it with limited success and a lot of heartache and then met someone online who I've been with three years now. Without the free online dating site(s) I never would have met her.
Like Dan Savage says... "Every relationship will fail, until one doesn't."
ColorSplash ColorSplash
I tried internet dating but it doesn't work as well as connecting with a human being.
Solar Ray Solar Ray
I met my partner online 11 years ago and we're still together and haven't killed each other yet so I'd say that's been a success.
SiNn SiNn
Originally posted by jazz4me
Have you tried internet dating and if so do you find that it is hard to find someone that way? I have a ton of friends that belong to several sites, yet have not found the one.
i met my fiancee again on line we havebeen together over 7 yrs and its some what hard but we know eachother rather well now so i wouldnt change athing
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Married a guy I met online in 1999. Divorced him this past November (thank god).

Met another guy online, really connected, had a date in person, REALLY connected. Then he dumped me after several days of silence.

I'm not doing this again.
Shellz31 Shellz31
All the above. I find it easier to meet people online (but not on any online dating sites!) due to my situation.

There's a lot of losers out there but every now and then, ya come across a real gem!
BadassFatass BadassFatass
I've met most of the people I've dated online...I was in a three year relationship with someone I met on a dating site. My current boyfriend and I have also been together for three years now and I met him through an ad on Craigslist, of all places.
liilii080 liilii080
I tried it for a month or 2 and had a few fun dates but I got tired of meeting people who didn't match their profile (ie: 10 years older/ inches shorter/etc. than their profile said) or people with odd mannerisms. I quit after the guy I was talking to on the phone asked me why my zip code didn't match my hometown. I was creeped out. For safety reasons I told him the metro area and he made me feel like I was being tracked. I quit then and after that ended up meeting my boyfriends at the gym. The internet is not a bad place to meet people but I think you have to go in with low expectations and keep your eyes trained on other options too.
toxie m toxie m
Not ALL the people I met were losers, but.. the vast majority. I met one fellow who I never dated but has been my close friend for some years now, and that's great. But otherwise, not a whole hell of a lot of success meeting cool folk online.
Tart Tart
For me online dating has always been hard. Even when I do find someone that I really like they usually live in another part of the country and long distance relationships are extremely hard.
slynch slynch
I met my wife through yahoo personals, we've been together over 10 years
BluePixi BluePixi
I have found a few dates, nothing amazing. The last one flew in from Florida to meet me, he called me three times on his trip home (midnight, 4:00am and about 6:00 am) I suppose he didn't get the reaction he wanted from my sleep addled brain because I didn't hear from him again after that nor did he answer my IMs.

the one before that molested me, and I am still coming to terms with it.

the first one was... kind of a dweeb, we had a mutual bitching session and, well, there is only room for one bitch in a relationship with me, and I am it.

I may have a date for next weekend, we have each had a bad experience and have already agreed to keep it public. I will have to see if he actually contacts me again.
G.L. Morrison G.L. Morrison
Internet dating sites are a good way to find out what you might have in common and discuss deal-breakers and common goals before even meeting. There is a high ratio of flakiness, no-shows, etc. The same as there would be akin to walking up to people in a bar that you might like to date and say "wanna go out with me?"

Dating is a bit of numbers game. Like shopping for clothes, you throw a lot of things in your cart that might a) not fit b) not look as good on you as it did on the hanger c) be more expensive/needy than is in your budget at the moment. Hopefully you leave the store with something nice. If you only try on one outfit per store, you will get burned out on shopping!

That said... I date a lot. To extend the metaphor, I'm a shopaholic. Thank goddess for internet shopping.
sexygoddess sexygoddess
Just moved in with my "internet boyfriend" of a year. We're pretty darn happy. ^_^
MaryExy MaryExy
I met my guy online unintentionally. It's working quite well, but we're still long distance with few chances of visits.
hornypoet69 hornypoet69
As a gay man, online is one of the few ways for me to meet men, in a smallish town. I spend a lot of time online, anyway, so why not look for love there? I have stopped actively searching for a boyfriend online, since I realized that looking too hard ends badly for me. But I have met several guys through the internet, one of them I dated for a few months. I think it can work well, as long as you meet in a public place, and are smart about safety.
GravyCakes GravyCakes
Originally posted by jazz4me
Have you tried internet dating and if so do you find that it is hard to find someone that way? I have a ton of friends that belong to several sites, yet have not found the one.
i didn't have too much success when i tried it, but i also think it depends on what site you use. my room mate used & the few dates she went on didn't work out (of course she also doesn't get the concept that just b/c a guy goes on a date w/ you & you both hit it off pretty well, doesn't mean he's gonna stop dating other girls or choose you over them... he just met you for god's sake). my sister used either or e-harmony (i forget which) & is in the best relationship she's ever been in, even though it's only been a few months so far.
Chilipepper Chilipepper

Strangely enough, I ended up on another dating site and connected really well with a British dom. He's coming to see me next week, and see if we're compatible in person. Then we'll see how it goes.
Ms. Paprika Ms. Paprika
Originally posted by ColorSplash
I tried internet dating but it doesn't work as well as connecting with a human being.
I agree; I think it's easier to construct an idea of what the person is like when you're just going off their online persona...
And chemistry can only be determined in person.
Brianna91 Brianna91
Its supposed to be my generation who is all about hooking up through the internet yet I've never done it even once. And the funny thing is the people I know who do are all much older than me.
Rachel Nunez Rachel Nunez
It's difficult for sure!
w-o-name w-o-name
Its difficult but i have had success
philz philz
If there is a possibility of physically getting together then its way easier. As a pose to like living on opposite ends of the country. Or in my case it was the opposite end of the world.

I tried had some success, but ended up in failure. Thinking about giving another shot though. Now that I am slightly older and more mature. (and know what to expect)
kelaaa33wish kelaaa33wish
I never have dated anyone from the net, but I don't see anything wrong with it.
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