Relatively New Relationship...Bathroo m Door Etiquitte?

Relatively New Relationship...Bathroo m Door Etiquitte?

Bignuf Bignuf
Our little "sit around and talk" group are all married quite a while now, but several have children of "serious" dating/marrying age. We talk among ourselves, but sure would never ask THEM this question...(who knows, they may be on here???), anyway, when WE were all dating, no one would ever have thought to leave the bathroom door open...ever, for anything. However, we think about it now, and it almost seems silly. You just spent the evening with someone who had their tongue and nose in your crotch..someone who knows you more intimately and with a closer view then any GYN,Urologist,and perhaps Proctocologist will ever know you, but you have to pee and SLAM, there goes the bathroom door???!!!!

What are folks dating TODAY thinking about this same topic?

We also notice more and more houses have gone back to what was common in 40's and 50's houses, which is instead of having a separate toilet "room", the shower, bath, toilet, main sinks are all in the same open room. True, in the 50's home, that room was 10 square feet with an eight foot ceiling, and today it is 800 square feet, with a 24 foot ceiling, but the same question applies. Would you walk in and use the shower, while your lover is using the toilet? Or if a lover is in the shower, are you walking in and using the toilet?

What's the groups take on all this?
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MaryExy MaryExy
Even if I lived with someone for 50 years, I'd still close the door... I've already established that habit, and no one needs to see me pee, so why break the habit? I don't think I'd miss any intimacy that's gained by keeping the door open while using the toilet.

In my house growing up, the master bath had a separate room for the toilet, which was kinda a nice setup.

I think I'd wait for a lover to be done in the toilet before going in to take a shower, unless, like, they usually took a good hour to finish. A shower can usually wait a couple of minutes. If a lover was in the shower and I needed to use the toilet, I wouldn't mind privacy-wise I guess... The issue hasn't come up yet.
Annemarie Annemarie
Just to urinate, I wouldn't shut the door all the way, I think, with my significant other being the only one in the house. To do anything else, yeah, I'd shut the door.

As for the floor plan of the bathroom, I'd much prefer to have the toilet be in a separate closet from the sinks and shower, so that my partner and I *can* take a shower and use the bathroom at the same time, without things smelling funny.
Dusk Dusk
Hmm, when my partner and I started dating we always closed the door. Then we talked about it and had a few moments where we agreed to try us both in there - either him showering and me peeing, or him brushing his teeth at the same time. It was awkward and we spent the whole time cracking up, so we tend to avoid it when possible.
curmudgeoncat curmudgeoncat
Pooping and peeing aren't things that I want to be seeing. But, if I was in a rush and needed to shower, I wouldn't care if my partner was using the toilet.
emiliaa emiliaa
I have been dating my partner for months, and I still yell at him if he leaves the door open and I hear him peeing. I really don't like it, XD But it's nothing I'd be seriously upset over.
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