Religion or Ethnicity of Someone You Say "YES" to, if they ask you out?

Religion or Ethnicity of Someone You Say "YES" to, if they ask you out?

Bignuf Bignuf
When asked out on a "date" for the first time, do you immediately consider the religion (if you know it) or ethnicity of the guy or girl prior to saying "yes" or "no"?

I have had a heated discussion about this with friends. Some say that, as it used to be, people did indeed "turn down" those from "other groups then their own", far more then they said "yes". Others in my little discussion said "that is SO rare these days".

What's the scoop among people actually dating? Do those factors matter if YOU are saying "yes" or "no" about that first date?
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MaryExy MaryExy
No... If someone keeps preaching to me on how I need to convert to their beliefs, they aren't getting a date out of me... But that's not limited to their religion. If their beliefs aren't an obstacle in everyday conversation, I could care less whether their religious views match mine.

And I've never had a problem with ethnicity. I don't have much to say about that.
ToyBoy ToyBoy
Religion doesn't matter as long as they don't mention it constantly or try to convert me. Religion drives me crazy so if they are overly religious, it will probably not work. Ethnicity doesn't matter really.
Taylor Taylor
I have said no to a date with someone because of their religion before. I knew they were in school to be a pastor for a very conservative denomination and that our values would clash. I figured it would just save us both time if I said no.

On the flip side I have said yes to a date specificly because of their religion. I grew up in a small, pretty homogenous town and didn't really have much exposure to anyone who wasn't christian. When I was 19 I moved to the east coast and a Jewish guy asked me out. I hadn't met a Jewish person before I had moved there and I was so curious about the religion that I decided to go on the date with him. We only dated about two months but we're still friends. He still likes to tease me about how I dated him because I found him 'exotic'
onehotmomma onehotmomma
Nope, it doesn't matter to me. If they were pushy with their beliefs, no matter what they were, I wouldn't consider dating them. I don't need anyone trying to change me.
Noira Celestia Noira Celestia
Well religion would matter to a certain extent because of the way religion effects beliefs and lifestyles. My current partner is not religious and really what makes a difference more than anything is their attitude about the religions of other people. Obviously I couldn't date someone who thought my spiritual practices were evil or stupid.

Ethnicity really isn't something that would stop me from dating someone.
Sex'и'Violence Sex'и'Violence
Yes. both religion and ethnicity are important to us. I don't really think of it along the lines of turning someone down because of their ethnicity so much as turning them down because I'm just not attracted to those physical traits.

Religion I do think is an important factor because it will affect how I am received by his/her family in addition to affecting the way I like to live my life. I would never be with someone who's religion would force me to change my appearance (e.g circumcision, veils/hijab/other coverings)
zeebot zeebot
No, I only pay attention to it if they're continually talking about it - I'm not religious at all, so I'm neither interested or able to contribute to a conversation about it.
IrishLassie IrishLassie
If it was just casual dating, no it wouldnt matter the reliqion. However if it was someone I was looking to marry, I personally would like to have someone who have the same beliefs because I find that to important. In regards to race, it doesnt bother me one bit.
JessCee JessCee
I think religion could be a huge compatibility factor for some people. Ethnicity... maybe.... not for me personally, but hey, I realize people have their preferences.

That being said, I don't really think it would be a bad thing to consider when someone asks you on a date.
M121212 M121212
These aren't really a factor for me. My attractions are based on the chemistry between us more than anything else. And it's a bit rare the type of person I am attracted to, so I am open to the person if they've already passed that first round of finickiness.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
i could have sworn i've read this question before, but whatever. i really don't care about ethnicity because i think everyone has their special traits they can boast of. in fact, i was told by a close friend that i'm a very, very non discriminative lover. i don't mind religion either but i don't really like it when it's being shoved down my throat. but that rarely happens so i never really deal with that
Sir Sir
I've never done this. I could care less, as long as the person does not shove their views down my throat, because then I'll have to shove my you-know-what down theirs.
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