Tell me your worst first date .

Tell me your worst first date .

Pinkhare Pinkhare
I'm getting ready to go on yet another first date . Lately I've had a string of absolutely horrible ones .

There was the man that was 16 years older than me . He showed up in gym shorts and ratty t shirt. He smelled like a vile combination of dog, livestock and dip [the tobacco kind] .

Then there was the beyond boring guy . He spent the entire time telling me about his love/obsession with the Halloween movies .

So since misery loves company , tell me about your worst first date . Please?
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wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
Hmm, worst first date.... that would have to be...

I went out on one date with a guy who saved me from the side of the road, essentially. My car had caught fire and he had come around from the other side of the highway and he offered to help me tow my car afterwards and I went out on a date with him because he was sweet and nice and funny. He did a lot for me.

It was awkward. We went out to this little place. He was probably ten years older than me, I never did figure it out. He was shy, too. Which wasn't good considering how shy I am. I suppose it wasn't really bad, just awkward. I never talked to him again after that.
Willowe Willowe
Worst first date was when he didn't tell me we'd be going on a double date with one of his friends and his girlfriend. So since the three of them all already knew each other I was left out of pretty much every conversation and ended up feeling like a third- fourth?- wheel.
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