Contributor: The Bloggess The Bloggess
How old were you when you lost your virginity? Was it in the back of a car? Did you get arrested for indecent exposure? Am I the only one this stuff happens to?
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Contributor: User Unknown User Unknown
Uhm, well I guess I'd just turned 18, and it was in my room and in my bed. He came over after my parents left for work, and my brother was at school. I was a senior so I had a few extra days off before graduation, it was the only day we could pull it off, so he came over.

Of course, he didn't bring any condoms, and I sure wasn't going to depend 100% on the pill, so I sent him off to the gas station, with my car, and worried the whole ten minutes he was gone because he wasn't technically allowed to be out in my car, let alone driving it, and without me in it.

But he came back, and we went at it like bunnies, for three hours, before I had to pick up my brother from school....and also, as I was kissing him goodbye, and pulling out of the driveway....I ran over the brand new cell phone that I'd set on top of my car. lol
Contributor: Angel deSanguine Angel deSanguine
Originally posted by The Bloggess
How old were you when you lost your virginity? Was it in the back of a car? Did you get arrested for indecent exposure? Am I the only one this stuff happens to?
I was 15, it was with my best friend's older brother's incredibly hot best friend. It was on 4th of July on the living room floor of the lake house.... I was not arrested, though my best friend did get jealous!
Contributor: Dragon Dragon
I was 15. Four times total with the guy before I went to another country with my family.

The first time was at his house- waterbed and no foreplay. He wanted to fuck me. We moved to the floor. Everything ended in about 10 minutes. There was one time in his car, one time at the beach, and hell if I even remember the last.

He did not leave me with the impression that sex was much of anything fun.
Contributor: Sammi Sammi
I was 14, and it was in the middle of a baseball field at night. I didn't know what he was going to do until he did it, and it was awful. No arrests or anything though.
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    I am personally offended by this
Contributor: Envy Envy
I was 21, went to another state to see my bf at his house because he was graduating high school and I wanted to be there. He'd sneak in to sleep besides me at night on the bunk futon, and one morning when we were together eased into it. He was very gentle and asked me how I was feeling, if I was ok, etc. But he slipped and fell on me that's when I bled as if I had my period for 2 days. He looked as if he wanted to cry, he felt so bad. I wasn't really in the mood nor did I feel much but pain, but I did it for him, but I blame my bc pills for it. Going off them to get my drive back so when we do it again I'll be more responsive. We plan to marry, too, and it was the first time for both of us.

I think his dad knew because my bf and I showered together after but his dad came home early and my bf had to run to his room, but his dad didn't care, lol. His dad really wants me to be his daughter-in-law, and he's just an awesome guy to have as a father-in-law.
Contributor: Alluring_Irony Alluring_Irony
2 months after I turned 18. At home.

But I did once have sex in my car in the parking lot of a Home Depot.... that was interesting. Even did it in a park during the middle of a day.
Contributor: KarlB KarlB
Originally posted by The Bloggess
How old were you when you lost your virginity? Was it in the back of a car? Did you get arrested for indecent exposure? Am I the only one this stuff happens to?
Is it true that felatio (no, NOT 'fealty', Mr. Spellchecker) is a ticketing offense in Texas? Is there a YouTube link of this law in action?
Contributor: Juliettia Juliettia
I was 18, almost 19 when I lost my virginity to my then boyfriend, now Husband. We were in his bedroom. Nothing too spectacular.
Contributor: Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
I was 18. We weren't even officially dating yet, just mutually attracted. He was very careful with me and made sure that I wanted to do everything he had in mind. It was all sorts of sweet, despite the physical discomfort and the nagging voice in the back of my head that my parents were going to disown me if they ever found out. Which they did, of course--found out, and then disowned me. They weren't sure if they meant the latter and are still on a seesaw about it.

One day, I hope to be able to look back on it all and laugh.
Contributor: Dark Muse Dark Muse
I was 18, freshman year of college. Started dating an ex I had dated senior year of high school. He came to visit, got sick off the cafeteria food, but still insisted on loosing our virginity to each other. We did it on my roommate's bed because she was a bitch and went away for the weekend to get drunk at this other college with some of her friends. It was pretty much in and out, thrust one two three DONE. He left 15 minutes later. We're not really on speaking terms anymore.

With my current partner, he was a virgin when we met. I helped him lose his virginity after a costume party for halloween. I was dressed up as Edie Sedgwick. We put on Space Ghost, cuddled and made out for a bit...and he lost his virginity to space ghost at the age of 23. I'm a bit jealous of him, here!
Contributor: Nashville Nashville
Mine was definitely in the back of a car..well, a Ford Fiesta really doesn't deserve the title of "car"... Definitely not arrested for indecent exposure but I got a bruised cheek/black eye and damn near frostbite in my fingers. Since I'm such an attention whore, I wrote about it on Edencafe... don't mind me while I hijack this thread.
Contributor: Raven Raven
Originally posted by Nashville
Mine was definitely in the back of a car..well, a Ford Fiesta really doesn't deserve the title of "car"... Definitely not arrested for indecent exposure but I got a bruised cheek/black eye and damn near frostbite in my fingers. Since ... more
Great piece. Very funny!
Contributor: MattBryant MattBryant
i was 23, Dark Muse pretty much described mine i got everything i wanted in a first. affectionate, the girl on top, raw, someone i wasn't romantically involved with (altho that changed pretty soon after), someone trustworthy, attracted to, etc. slid out right after i came, but oh well. it was still nice.
Contributor: JEM JEM
I was 17. It was the summer before my senior year. It was with my 21 year old boyfriend on the floor of his bathroom in his apartment he was sharing with 2 other guys. Not very romantic! I was with him for the rest of the summer through Oct. When my family and I moved from Fl. to Boston. We tried the long distance thing....I was not impressed! :o)
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
We were 16 and it was a beautiful spring day 'down by the creek'. We had done a lot of petting leading up to the big day. It was a pleasant release for both of us. No trauma - just the opposite - it launched us on the route to a very sexually active high school career. Lucky we were monogamous so no STDs or nasty rumors.
Contributor: sarahbear sarahbear
I was 14 and a freshman in high school. He was a senior I had been flirting with since summer band camp. He played the trumpet and I was twirling flags. It was the weekend after Thanksgiving, near the end of marching season. I invited him to sneak over to my house, he climbed into my window and I put on my Ginuwine CD (uh, hello because 'Pony' is the sexiest song ever when you're 14).

Everything was going ok, he was being nice and gentle. Then he tried to stick it in, missionary style, and it hurt so I jumped back. Then, for the first time in my life, I queefed. I was so embarrassed. He didn't make a big deal about it and was asking if I was ok. He convinced me to try again with me on top. We did. I had no idea he was suppose to cum. I had never even seen a penis. So, I thought that's all there was to it. Before he left he said 'Wow, you really were a virgin.' and then he told everyone at school we fucked and that I was awful at it.

Two weeks later I hear he got suspended for having sex in the school bathroom...

because everyone came to ask me if it was me he was having sex with.

P.S. I loved your article. =)
Contributor: seaofneptune seaofneptune
I lost mine when I was 23, with my now boyfriend! I'm actually glad that I waited, I feel that I was at a mature enough level (body and mind) for it. I went through many disappointments with men (dating, friends, and family) growing up - I had developed issues and I just wasn't ready to give myself in that way to anyone. I'm glad that it was with someone that I was in love and really comfortable with, because for me it made it easier and it was great. (We were actually both virgins, so we lost ours together)
Contributor: El-Jaro El-Jaro
I was 18, just out of high school.
I met my first online a few months before and we just clicked.
It wasn't the first time we met, but it was pretty close to it. I remember noticing how hairy she was down there and how nervous I was. About 30 seconds later, I wasn't a virgin any more and she was probably marginally disappointed.

oh's the past.
Contributor: sbremer sbremer
Originally posted by The Bloggess
How old were you when you lost your virginity? Was it in the back of a car? Did you get arrested for indecent exposure? Am I the only one this stuff happens to?
I'm almost 22 and still a virgin.

I have someone in mind, but he's in the UK and we're in the process of saving money for a plane ticket.
Contributor: Chilipepper Chilipepper
Have you ever spent an afternoon your senior year of high school off-roading with your best opposite-sex best friend, got stuck, and eventually had to steal a front end loader to pull his truck out?

That's pretty much how it started, two weeks before graduation. Surprisingly, we weren't arrested for messing with the construction equipment.

We made it back to my house and took turns showering, then sat in my room in our towels and talked. One thing led to another, then he shed my virginity (he wasn't a virgin, but he wasn't too experienced, either). Hurt like hell, a few fantasies died off, but I never regretted it. I've always regarded it rather warmly since.

Near fourteen years later, we're back together again - this time as lovers. Let's just say, he's gotten better and my fantasies have taken on a whole new direction.
Contributor: Sassybunny85 Sassybunny85
The first time I tried to have sex was at 16, and it was unsuccessful. I was too tense and scared out of my mind, so it made penetration impossible and he was a virgin too. However, about a year later when I was 17, I ended up having sex for the first time with the same guy. It was at his grandmother's house(he practically lived there), in the basement, and the TV was on, and Good Vibrations by Marky Mark started playing. Yeah, I cannot listen to that song anymore!

My hubby lost his virginity to me, in the front seat of his car, in a state park when it was deserted. Luckily we never got caught!
Contributor: missmandy27 missmandy27
I was 18, Prom night, in the back of my car. lol Ah, great times. Wasn't at all what I expected it to be. It was a little awckward, it hurt and I was really disappointed that I didn't have that "great orgasm" I was told about. It took a couple weeks of practice for me to get that orgasm and when it did happen I was hooked. Now, I wasn't the kind of nympho that needed theorapy, but it was funny when I couldn't get enough and he said that 3 times a night 5 days a week was too much for him. Who'd knew that that night would lead to 9 years on and off with a jackass who turned out to be not the best I've had in bed? lol
Contributor: Kinky Skier Kinky Skier
I was 15, and I had befriended my best friends girl after they broke up. Not to get laid, cause i knew she put out, but becuase he was being a huge dick to her. Then after a few weeks of hanging out it just happened. I was so nervous i told her i was late to get home, which i was, and left before orgasm. Biggest blue balls ever.

The best part? A week later she gave me my first blowjob.
Contributor: Sera Sera
Lost mine when I was 19, to my husband who is still my husband now. Candle light in his bedroom, and rose petals all over the floor. It was wonderful, and so passionate...slow, and with him holding me...We were both virgins and we wanted it to be special.
Contributor: butterflykisses butterflykisses
26 and still a virgin, until I get married to the love of my life next year.
Contributor: CamelliaGirl CamelliaGirl
16 sex with a female, 19 sex with a male
Contributor: CaseyDeuce CaseyDeuce
I was 15 and was dating my first serious boyfriend for a couple months. We were inseperable, and the only place we could escape to was the front yard across the street from his parents house. It was fenced in and had lots of shrubbery and dark and private... Looking back, I don't know how we didn't get caught by anyone, his two brothers and our friend watched us go over there. After I lost my virginity, he and I were UNSTOPPABLE. We were together for another 8 months after that, then a few years after that we started seeing each other again for about 6 months, and then after I split from my ex husband, we started seeing each other again for about another 8 months.