What Are Your Rules for Dating a Coworker? - from Em and Lo

What Are Your Rules for Dating a Coworker? - from Em and Lo

Em & Lo Em & Lo
When it comes to inter-office romance, some people say you shouldn't shit where you eat. Others think it's just practical, considering how much time we spend at work. We fall into the latter camp, but not without 7 qualifications we listed here. So what did we miss? What do you think are the essential rules for dating a co-worker?
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El-Jaro El-Jaro
My thought: Don't.

I've never heard of a successful romance starting at work.
MeliPixie MeliPixie
Hmmm, this is actually a complicated question for me, for two reasons.

1) I work in the hospitality industry, meaning restaurants and hotels (restaurants for me). In my experience people who work in this industry often are more genuine, both with guests and coworkers. I still don't think it's the best idea, but it's definitely better than running over to the next cubicle and asking for a date. You get to see each other interact with others on a daily basis and see how they handle themselves in a variety of situations that you just don't see in any other industry.

2) I am eventually going to open my own restaurant/cafe. The guy I have been dating for weeeeelllll over a year now wants to be a part of that future and that dream, and I want him to as well. Whether we will be co-owners or owner and manager, or some other configuration of positions (hehe!) we will both be employed at my restaurant, making us dating (or married?!) coworkers. I think this is the absolute ONLY case where it is actually okay to be in a romantic or sexual relationship with a coworker.

Sorry for the rant ^^;;
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Another 'don't'. Also as a former worker in the hospitality industry, it can get even MORE uncomfortable when a couple breaks up and still have to work together. The diner I worked at had a cook and prep-cook dating, then the prep-cook broke up with the cook, and the rest of us walked on eggs for the next few months whenever they shared a shift.
Taylor Taylor
I think it's difficult to date someone at work because you just don't get away from each other. You spend all day together and work and then even more time together after work. I think it's really important to have time away from each other and it's harder to do if you work together in my opinion.
Illusional Illusional
I've successfully done it, I just kept it nonchalant and breezy. We didn't get in trouble and everybody knew. I was a an intern, and he was a manager.
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