what do you look for?

what do you look for?

frisky069 frisky069
In a relationship what are your first things you look for in your partner?

Mine would definitely be trust, and honesty, and also personality, and of course someone who is easy to talk to! and then i look at the main things, like i don't like smoking or someone who's addicted to drugs or anything like that
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Peggi Peggi
I agree, trust and honesty are extremely important.

The first thing I tend to look for is whether or not the person is "real". I don't mind character flaws and I don't mind if someone lacks in certain areas or isn't perfect but I have a problem with people who mislead you because they want to tell you what they think you want to hear, even when you explain to them that you won't judge them you just want to know the real them so you know what you are getting into!

I've been in physically and mentally abusive relationships and I don't mind a partner who has "issues", but they CAN NOT take those issues out on me, and I won't tolerate physical violence.

I also need a partner who is educated. They don't have to have a college degree or even have to have gone to college at all, but if they can't hold a conversation with me then they certainly aren't worth my time.
mizzmilla mizzmilla
Whether or not we can hold a conversation is extremely important. Trust and honestly are also important but just for a first impression I like someone to be funny and easy to talk to.
I like dependable, salt-of-the earth kind of guys. Trustworthy, honest (to a fault sometimes), not easily intimidated. The ones who are sometimes considered "old-fashioned" because family is unashamedly their priority. Though I'm sometimes initially drawn to the introverted, deep-thinking, silent types, I seem to fare better long-term with the ones who are willing to have long, drawn out conversations and (outright arguments when necessary). The ones who are a little on the extroverted, chatty side, but not dependent upon being popular. Thinkers versus extreme feelers (though still affectionate). Those rare men who think outside the box and are therefore a little unpredictable in their responses to various political or cultural issues, who don't feel the need to conform just because those around them do. Practical realists (versus idealists) with unusually high levels of integrity and character. Earthy, hands-on sorts that aren't afraid to get a little dirty or sweaty. Men with a primarily positive, grateful attitude toward life in general.
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