When you were a teen

When you were a teen

SecretToyLover2 SecretToyLover2
Were you sexually active? I was and I regret it. Seeing my younger sister be active just freaks me out though. She's even younger than I used to be. The times have changed!
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I am a male
I am a female
I was sexually active as a teen
I was not sexually active as a teen
I was sexually active as a very young teen (13/14)
I regret it
It's in the past, I don't care anymore
I would change it if I could go back
I don't know
The times have definitely changed. Kids are having sex earlier.
I think times are the same. It was just less talked about back then.
Other (explain)
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CollegeFun2014 CollegeFun2014
I was and I regret some of it. The earliest parts (17) I do because I have realized I didn't love that person. My girlfriend later on, when I was 18 and 19, I do not regret doing it because I did love her and to this day still do and we are best friends so I was perfectly happy sharing that part of me with her.
TheCleansing TheCleansing
I was, and I didn't regret it all that much. And currently don't.
Chirple Chirple
I wasn't and I'm happy with that. When I was younger, it was a much more closed environment and there really wasn't anyone I even *wanted* to have sex with, so "omg he/she is so cute" crushes or anything.

If I had, I would probably regret it, but not for the usual reasons. I was really unhappy and would have regretted anything done at that time.

I don't think it's necessarily wrong, but I've seen more "bad choices" than good ones. That defined by emotional regret or getting pregnant when you weren't ready or getting an STD. Then again, kids at my school definitely did not make the smartest choices and passed around crazy sex myths and stuff (and so did the school health class), so I don't know how average a sample pool that is.
True Pleasures True Pleasures
Female. The only sexual activity during my teens was masturbation. At least, I think. I'm not sure when hubby and I first did it. It may have been when I was 19... I don't know.
Ryuson Ryuson
I was and am sexually active. I wish that I would have waited to be with someone until my current boyfriend, but as long as they're safe I think that it's 'okay.' It really just depends on the maturity of the kid!
bayosgirl bayosgirl
If 18 counts as a teen (I guess it's technically an adult), then yes. And I do regret it because I realized later that I didn't really love the man who I gave my virginity to, I just wanted to be loved and accepted.
Sex Positivity Sex Positivity
It was and am sexually active. Although my initial sexual experiences weren't consensual, I don't regret them. I don't regret any of my consensual encounters, either.
Missmarc Missmarc
Originally posted by SecretToyLover2
Were you sexually active? I was and I regret it. Seeing my younger sister be active just freaks me out though. She's even younger than I used to be. The times have changed!
The first time I had sex, it was a few days after my 17th birthday.
WetJenn WetJenn
Originally posted by SecretToyLover2
Were you sexually active? I was and I regret it. Seeing my younger sister be active just freaks me out though. She's even younger than I used to be. The times have changed!
I wish iwas more outgoing as a teen. I was shy, but i have found it ow.
Mwar Mwar
I started at almost 19, so I was technically a teen but college age, and I don't regret it.
anonkitty anonkitty
I wasn't and I'm happy with it. I think my life would've been a whole lot more stressful if I was.
BlooJay BlooJay
I would change some of my choices back then. I think that we just think teens are having sex at an earlier age because it's a more open topic now than it was back then. So we are more aware of it now.
Geogeo Geogeo
I regret my low standards back then but I'm generally over it.
Azule Azule
I had fun when I was younger and learned successfully from it, that's what I consider the important part since none of it has had a long lasting physical effect on me.
Stinkytofu10 Stinkytofu10
Originally posted by SecretToyLover2
Were you sexually active? I was and I regret it. Seeing my younger sister be active just freaks me out though. She's even younger than I used to be. The times have changed!
I didn't lose my virginity until college.
ksparkles16 ksparkles16
I do regret some things, but you're young only once and we all make mistakes
Entropy Entropy
Male, lost my virginity at 17. I don't regret anything, even though that girl was the worst thing (well, second worst) that ever happened to me. I don't have time to wonder what would have happened if I turned left instead of right. Learn from the past, live in the present.
js250 js250
I was 17 when I became active. I do not regret it, it was a guy that I was in a serious relationship with for quite awhile. I was not very active until after my hysterectomy since sex caused some serious pain for me afterwards and during. Once it did not hurt, I ran with it but only with the husband I had at the time and then with my current husband now. Not much variety, okay with that, but definitely a lot of quantity, especially the last 12 years.
MissCandyland MissCandyland
I was 19 1/2. I think that was a good age for me.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
A few months before my 18th birthday, with my best guy friend. I wanted to. Never regretted it.

I wanted to be active a hell of a lot earlier, but I couldn't find anyone who wanted me. Screaming ball of hormones and being a willing teenage girl ... and the legal-age guys were too gentlemanly to take advantage, and teenage boys were too shallow to take advantage (they considered me too fat and ugly).

When my best guy friend and I got together, I made him walk funny for three days afterwards ... the others truly missed out.
StarFire StarFire
i was very young when i first became sexually active probably too young i was 14. i hit puberty at a really young age though...i mean really young i had the whole nine yard by 5th grade if you know what i mean i was a latch key kid by the time i was in 4th grade so there wasn't really anything i couldn't do if i didn't want too i don't necessarily regret it but i would change some things if i could of coarse
Khanner Khanner
I wasn't sexually active as a teen and I was way too sheltered to be ready for it until recently. I was raised to be a doormat and I would probably have been taken advantage of.
P'Gell P'Gell
Every person matures at a different rate. I was sexually active at 16. I don't regret it. I was ready for it and I learned a lot. I made sure I was with the right man the first time I had sex (and with any other man I had sex with) and have never regretted a sexual encounter.

I don't think it's any different "now" than it was years ago. Teens have been having sex since the beginning of time. My mother and father had many friends who got pregnant in the late 50s and early 60s, when they were teens. We are pretty sure my grandmother was an unwed teen mom in the 1920s! (My dad's older sister, by more than a dozen years.) In fact, the teen pregnancy rate has dropped recently.

I do think some people feel pressured to have sex early. A few teens may have a hard time saying no to a prospective boyfriend or girlfriend. That is nothing new.

But, many of us are happy with our youthful decisions and glad we did what we did when we did them.
joja joja
Your only options are "I regret it," "I would change it if I could go back," and "It's in the past, I don't care anymore"?

Why would you assume everyone feels either negative or neutral about their teen sexual experiences?

I for one feel great about my choices. I was well aware that sex didn't equate with love, and enjoyed exploring it with my partners.
ejrbrndps ejrbrndps
kids are experimenting in middle school now its just crazy
Beck Beck
I don't understand not including options like " I don't regret it.", " It is what it is.", "I would never change my experiences.", and so on. There are some of us that fit in those categories.

I don't regret anything because they were experiences I would never change them. They are what they are and they don't matter now, but they mattered at the time. I enjoyed my experiences. I would never change anything about them. Doing so could have changed who I am and I love who I am. I was young too. I was 15.
gloomybear gloomybear
i lost my virginity at 15 and i dont regret it at all
gsfanatic gsfanatic
I was active probably earlier then I should've been, but I don't regret it. The main thing was that I took away a lot of knowledge from that, and neither of us regretted the experience, and we were both careful and willing to deal with the consequences.
Various Various
I was 17 when I lost my virginity, I don't regret it but sometimes I wish I had waited a little longer.
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