Your fantasy date?

Your fantasy date?

sugarOne sugarOne
What would be your fantasy date?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Going to hawii
namelesschaos , Dusk , Selective Sensualist , Harlequin , liilii080
Having the best sex you ever had
Trashley , namelesschaos , PussyGalore , Taylor , Ritsuka , snarknemesis , padmeamidala , Deeder , Lavendar , Noelle , RatchetS , *Camoprincess* , JRabbits , Supervixen , pokefan15
A romantic night under the water falls
lunapixie , SexyySarah , Waterfall , jakjak , Shellz31 , Jenniae09 , K-smith , Viktor Vysheslav Malkin , ~LaUr3n~ , namelesschaos , Dusk , beautifulpierced , LavenderSkies , Lady Neshamah , C4ss , Lummox , Danielle1220 , VenusianThunder , *HisMrs* , Purpleladybug , SadoMas , snarknemesis , gsfanatic , Pinkshirt , *Camoprincess* , nova2014 , potstickers
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SexyySarah SexyySarah
I put a romantic night under the water falls, but I don't know that I really have a fantasy date.
Trashley Trashley
Good sex would be at the end. It would start with a time machine and a tilt-a-whirl.
K-smith K-smith
A deeply emotionally tying night out will top sex and a vacation. But a Deeply emotional romantic night in Hawaii followed up with the most involved, romantic and deeply emotional sex I've ever had. Now that is a fantasy that I and I believe most other would only hope to enjoy.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
Since you let us pick more then one I voted going to Hawaii having a romantic that's followed by the best sex ever. I want it all!
Dusk Dusk
Waterfalls, in Hawaii. Mmmm.
beautifulpierced beautifulpierced
waterfalls, warm weather and NAKEDNESS with my sweetie!!!
Rhazya Rhazya
Well, I don't consider date automatically equaling sex.

My realistic fantasy date, would be meeting and spending a bunch of time at a used bookstore search for treasures, maybe hitting several used bookstores.

Then eating supper at one of my favorite places to eat, having him kiss me good night.

Erotic Date, go see a movie, and spend most of the movie fantasizing about each other. Then going to a grocery store, and buying items to cook together, then getting back to his place or mine and cooking together, brushing up against each other.

Eating together and having the sexual tension rising, and finally him just breaking the ice and kissing me and basically seducing me

I could see fondue feeding each other as being sexual too.
Harlequin Harlequin
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I don't really find any of those appealing .

I'd rather have a fun date, like trying something new or going to stores and trying on clothes we never thought we'd wear or something. We recently went ice skating, which was fun even though we fell on our butts a lot.
LavenderSkies LavenderSkies
They all sound lovely..
Lady Neshamah Lady Neshamah
how about all three?
C4ss C4ss
They all sound great but maybe a romantic night under the water falls.
PussyGalore PussyGalore
I don't need any one or any thing but him.
liilii080 liilii080
I can find all kinds of great ways to enjoy him in Hawaii! Beautiful place and I can't wait to go back...someday.
SadoMas SadoMas
A romantic night under the water falls
snarknemesis snarknemesis
Preferably romance and sex.
Noelle Noelle
Originally posted by sugarOne
What would be your fantasy date?
All of the above, to include it ending with some DP from two buffed out HOTT men!!! OH YEAH!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!
aluminummm aluminummm
I'm not really feeling any of those?

My ~fantasy date involves going to a dive bar or smoking at home, sex, and laughing at shit on tumblr. #cheapdate
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Waterfall would be nice, though Europe would also be nice
Pinkshirt Pinkshirt
The water falls sound very romantic
JRabbits JRabbits
Not going to lie on this one, I just voted at random for the point. I don't like either of those options. Sure awesome sex would be great but I'd love to go on a date just walking along the historic district of St. Augustine, play on the beach, and have dinner on the roof of the old fort (can't remember the forts name but it's an awesome place).

... is that cheesy? Fuck it. I still want it!
Intrepid Niddering Intrepid Niddering
Honestly, all of those sound so ridiculously cheesy.

A fantastic date, to me, would be the two of us going down to the farmer's market and picking out stuff to make that night, whatever produce and meat looked good to us, then going home to begin cooking everything together whilst we listen to some nifty music. We may or may not have sex.
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