Do you and your partner like roleplay?

Contributor: samopayn samopayn
Who likes it? Who doesn't? Who has never tried it?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Kkay , Breas , Lucidity , Taylor , Vanille , unfulfilled , slynch , jakjak , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , Airen Wolf , kittychilla , The Curious Couple , ejrbrndps , sexydelphia , Mr. E , shcoo , Lacey Fennec , richsam , ninja250 , Joie de Cherresse , SadoMas , joelb42
22  (54%)
ily , Coralbell , Hot'n'Bothered , darthkitt3n , Bigkc , EJ , zracer , MstrSlvCouple , aimtoplease , Cherrylane , potstickers , ThoughtsAblaze , averageguyextrodinarypleasure , Rory , hhh , PropertyOfPotter
16  (39%)
Gunsmoke , mistressg , NarcissisticLust
3  (7%)
Total votes: 41
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Contributor: Kkay Kkay
An option between love and hate would be appreciated.

For us, it's something that can be hot and it's a good way to get sex revving when we're both kind of tired/disinterested.
Contributor: Toys in Love Toys in Love
Yep, an option somewhere in the middle. We do it pretty often. Most often just with words and accompanying toys, or she'll go all out with costume and all.
Contributor: Breas Breas
I really enjoy it. I don't know if we "love" it because we do not do it that often, but when we do it's fun!
Contributor: Lucidity Lucidity
Love it. The costume closet just keeps growing
Contributor: Taylor Taylor
I like it sometimes. I really like doing teacher/student. Most of the guys I have been with weren't too into it though
Contributor: mistressg mistressg
I like dressing up, in general. But we don't like roleplaying, me and my current partner or anyone that I've been with. I tried with my ex thinking he would be into it and he just kind of awkwardly went with it, so I awkwardly went with it. Then after it turned out we were both seemed into it because we thought the other was! So after that, we had a laugh and decided roleplaying was not something we were into.
Contributor: unfulfilled unfulfilled
I enjoy dressing up, but we don't really do anything besides the dressing up part.
Contributor: married with children married with children
we dont hate it or love it.
Contributor: Coralbell Coralbell
Never tried it, and don't want to. Just not my thing.
Contributor: Hot'n'Bothered Hot'n'Bothered
Originally posted by Coralbell
Never tried it, and don't want to. Just not my thing.
Contributor: Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Originally posted by samopayn
Who likes it? Who doesn't? Who has never tried it?
We roleplay A LOT!
Contributor: Bigkc Bigkc
i've never tried role playing, but i've heard some people enjoy it
Contributor: The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
We love lingerie and various costumes.
Contributor: MstrSlvCouple MstrSlvCouple
Originally posted by samopayn
Who likes it? Who doesn't? Who has never tried it?
My husband wants me to and I have started to give thought to it since it now gets me excited to think.
Contributor: aimtoplease aimtoplease
Originally posted by samopayn
Who likes it? Who doesn't? Who has never tried it?
We've never tried, but I've fantasized before.
Contributor: Cherrylane Cherrylane
We've never really tried it. I've dressed up as things like a school girl before, but we never do actual scenes and roles or anything.
Contributor: ThoughtsAblaze ThoughtsAblaze
We haven't tried it yet, but we're both creative people and have at least begun talking about it.
Contributor: sexydelphia sexydelphia
so much fun
Contributor: Mr. E Mr. E
We haven't done a whole lot of role-play but my wife does enjoy dressing sexy.
Contributor: bayosgirl bayosgirl
We tried it..I felt kinda silly. lol
Contributor: averageguyextrodinarypleasure averageguyextrodinarypleasure
Never tried it but want to
Contributor: richsam richsam
Contributor: ninja250 ninja250
Don't love it or hate, it can be fun on occasion
Contributor: Joie de Cherresse Joie de Cherresse
We do and we absolutely love it!! It is so exciting and fun to dress up and be someone different for a little while. Keeps the magic flowing!
Contributor: SadoMas SadoMas
unlike him
Contributor: joelb42 joelb42
We do it and always have a great time with it. It helps to keep our sex life very interesting.
Contributor: Rory Rory
It doesn't interest me but my hubby is willing to try just about anything!