what is best you ever had

Contributor: luckydog69 luckydog69
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Im Little shy would like someone tell us what there best foreplay ever
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Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
Originally posted by luckydog69
Im Little shy would like someone tell us what there best foreplay ever
For OW, it's kissing, nipple teasing then kissing, complimenting on her looks, cooking ( best way to this man's heart) , then cunnilingus on her labia, clitoris. Follow by squeezing her tits while performing cunnilingus. Then guess what ? More cunnilingus. After she's good and wet and cries out some brief moans some gentle thrusting with a dildo while still licking her clit and lapping up her juices.
When I'm out of breath, just good fast steady dildo-ing til she begs me to stop.

For me, she likes to fondle me up with her hand, continue rubbing the head, cuddles my testicles and squeeze my erection over and over. After a short break, perform oral on me til my head is engulfed. If I already don't have a plug or the Aneros in me, she will put my choice in. Then it's more sucking, accompanied with gentle thrusting. After a few choice moans, she'll work on the head and teasingly go all the way down. Then while I'm still in her mouth, she will thrust me til she's tired out or so hot gotta to have me inside her.

That's it for us luckydog69. I hope this helps to break your shyness so you can share a little with us.
Contributor: Andykh Andykh
To me the best would be both my wife and i hands all over each other kissing doing a lil bit of 69 and even toys while watching a porn DVD of the many that we have
Contributor: TheToyGuy TheToyGuy
Difficult question to answer. The most enjoyable foreplay (or lead up to sex) I had was a two day teasing session that kept me on edge until I was permitted to end it by ravaging my tormentor for the entire night and leaving her sore and well punished for tormenting me so.

But foreplay as just foreplay, best ever was being stroked and licked by two very toned and muscular football players at the same time while they crossed swords with each other. It wasn't the best of sex that followed but the foreplay was awesome and I've never had anything like it.