2 years almost 3

2 years almost 3

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So i was with this man I loved completely with all my heart. I met him when i was pregnant with my 1st daughter. He has been there like a father for her. We dated a few months before he took off to basic I waited here for him. when he came home i didn't even get a hug when he got off the plane or kiss. So any ways here is what was going on before we broke up.

He was:

Sleeping on the other side of the bed.
Freshening up for work.
Taking more shower than usual.
He seemed distant from me.
He didn't kiss me the same.
When we had sex it lasted long than normal.
He didn't get my daughter a gift for her birthday.

With all this said.
The weekend before V day he didn't do any thing for me he use to get flowers, a bracelet kinda stuff.

I am very broken up about this and I also worry how will this affect my daughter, she has been calling him da da since she was 6 months.
How do i deal with it?
and what can I get for my loneliness toy wise?
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A man who has a sex partner back home will want to be plunging to hit bottom as soon as the aircraft hits the runway. Most likely other servicemembers have been hazing him for being a father to a child whois not his. He is breaking under pressure. If you want to keep this man, communication is the key. The bonds and influence which his fellow servicemembers have is huge.
Be blunt. It is either a win or lose situation. I had this psycho crap pulled on me in the first gulf war. How did I know if my pregnant wife's baby was mine? That type of talk is what he has been enduring, but the cruelty could be greater. His buddies put shit in his head. you have to fix his head.
Avoid an arguement at all costs. Discuss it in a public setting, but not so evryone can hear what is going on. Let him know you are there for him, and you have been faithful and loyal to him. Guys love these words.
Gently prod him for answers, he will open up and this will be a win or a lose for you. It's the only way to know. Not knowing is the worst. Best wishes!
Raizer911 Raizer911
Military crap. Try to talk to him.
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