Emotional Cheating... What is it?

Emotional Cheating... What is it?

Hummingbird Hummingbird
I've seen a few discussions recently about cheating, this is recent that I've heard of Emotional Cheating.

What do you consider emotional cheating? I'd really like to know, to me cheating is physical intimacy or sexually touching another person outside your defined relationship where you're partner is not aware is the only cheating I understand.
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Fluke Fluke
Well with texting and fb and other social media outlets, online romances can form quite easily. It's much, much easier to type out I love you on a screen than saying it to someone in person. So yeah you can form an emotional bond with someone you've never met and that can be considered emotional cheating.
Jenny Swallows Jenny Swallows
You can cheat without even meeting the person you're cheating with - virtual worlds like Second Life are overloaded with couples who all but wear their infidelity like a badge of honor... And others who will argue that it isn't cheating because they do all their sweet talk and cybersex on screen. Ask whether their real life partner knows what they're doing, though; or how their virtual world partner would feel if he/she realized that it "doesn't count" and you get a very different response.

Cheating means going behind your partner's back to do something/anything that you know deep down they would consider a betrayal, and it doesn't matter if it's with the girl next door, an obvious pseudonym on a Walking Dead forum, or a bundle of well-manicured pixels in Never Never Land. If you need to keep your "friendship" secret (for whatever reason you tell yourself), You're a cheat.
Munko Munko
For me...it's when you turn to someone else emotionally...to fulfill those emotional needs.

My fiance, at one point when things were really bad, did cheat emotionally. He met a girl who he talked to often, began telling her the things he used to tell me (things about his day, his work) hid their friendship from me (I didn't even know she existed) they were more than just friends, without every crossing a line physically.

He never fell in love with her, but did have a vested interest in her (that I don't even think he realized until we separated and he was able to see all that had happened) but people can and do fall in love with other people all the time, even if it hasn't reached a physical level...to me, loving someone else, is cheating. Confiding in someone else things you should only share with your significant other or used to share with them, Having a romantic, emotional bond with someone is cheating, to me anyways. And, honestly I think often times worse than physical cheating alone.

A one night stand has no strings attached, but if you're emotionally invested in someone, care for them, have feelings for them...that's a lot harder to walk away from.
Pete's Princess Pete's Princess
Any intimate relationship with someone else is wrong. That is part of yourself you should share with only your partner. I think emotional relationships are more damaging than a one night stands. Your heart should only belong to your partner.
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