How long have you been with your partner? And the sweetest thing they have done.

How long have you been with your partner? And the sweetest thing they have done.

Miss Anonymous Miss Anonymous
Me and my beautiful boyfriend are going on 7 Years on the 26th of this month!

How long have you and your partner been together, and what's the most beautiful thing they have done for you? or even said?

Mines: When i started gaining weight because of depression, i went to try on cloths broke down crying because nothing fit. He took my had brung me into the middle of the store got everyone to look at us and said loud as he could "YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND SEXIEST WOMEN I'VE EVER LAYED EYES ON, AND I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW" I was mad because he embarrassed me, but i was so happy because i'd never felt so perfect then at that moment.

This is 100% true story!
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Jul!a Jul!a
We were together for 9 months in high school, and have been back together for almost 2 1/2 years. He's always doing sweet things, I'm gonna have to take a while and think of the best one. Your story is beautiful
3 years! I couldnt tell you, she's always sweet
K101 K101
5 Years and man I can't think of only one! I'll tell you though, really one of the things that mean the most to me is how he tells me everyday that he only has eyes for me and seeing how attracted he is to me STILL after 5 years blows my mind every single day! Also, he has surprised me several times by getting me to pay for something in the store while he creeps around (he's sneaky because I've never caught him!) getting me flowers and then he'll sit them in the seat of my car so when I come out and open the door it's a surprise! Lol It is so nice. He's really good at doing sweet things to make me feel so special.
ToyGurl ToyGurl
5 years and our wedding is coming up in July! The most beautiful thing my fiance has ever done for me is how he takes care of me. I have several health conditions. The worst being Epilepsy and Crohn's disease. Sometimes I get so sick that I just have to sleep. I can't go to work, do my laundry, etc. He'll come over to the apartment and take over everything when he gets home from being on base. He is by my side whenever I am in the hospital, and just makes sure I have the happiest life possible. He is buying us a beautiful new home this month, and I am so excited to be moving in. It's big enough for both of us, and three children. Even enough room for my pups.

I've gained weight from my illnesses, in spite of the exercise that I do. I'm not really overweight, but it bothers me. Yet, he still tells me I'm the most beautiful sight he has ever laid eyes on.

I love him so much. We have dated since high school, and we have not broken up once. Always going strong, even through the hard times.
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