Is your partner your soul mate? Why or why not?

Is your partner your soul mate? Why or why not?

js250 js250
My husband is definitely my soul mate. This sounds weird, but he is the male equivalent to me. If I would have been a man--I would be him, personality, hobbies, interests, porn niches, adult toys, and ever so much more things we have in common. It is actually kind of spooky but at the same time, it si comforting and familiar. And most definitely fun!!
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Peggi Peggi
Aww I'm so glad to hear that you have found your soul mate and it doesn't sound weird at all It is wonderful to find someone who can just be everything you want and need in a person and you for them, without even trying to be!

I know the feeling, with my hubby! He completes me in every way. Any of my weaknesses are his strengths and vice versa. He is the person who knows the right thing to say at the right time, who can see me for who I am and love everything about me. All of the things I thought were negatives he assures me are positives. He doesn't put me down for the things I can't do. With my shoulder pain, I always felt like I was dragging people down because we can't go out as often as I'd like, yet here's this guy who doesn't care about that and would rather stay in with me making me feel better and assuring me that he's happy doing just that. Who understands and accepts my weird kinks and my sex toy collection (and is starting his own!) and I can just be myself around
That Guy over there That Guy over there
My Wife is my Soulmate. We are very compatible. We're understand each other and while we may not always agree, we respect the other's opinion. If there is trouble, one of us is strong for the other one.

An example: I have some unusual likes in the bedroom, not illegal freaky - just not common, and she accepts me for who I am.

We'll have been married twenty years this coming Sunday. I am blessed to have her.

@peggi, my wife has health issues too and I make sure I take care of her when she needs me to. Not for any personal gain, you do this and I'll do that sort of thing - I know couples like that, but because it's the right thing to do and I love her.
AnnRob AnnRob
We have had our ups and downs, and our disagreements, but 51 years of marriage and I think that I must say, I don't know what I would do without him in my life! Yes, I feel he is my soul mate, and I try very hard to work through our problems.
brooketacular brooketacular
My partner and I are pretty young and so is our relationship. But I don't think that takes away from the joys and struggles we've had throughout our 9 months of dating. Even if we aren't soul mates now, I feel like we put enough effort into our relationship to become soul mates in the future. c:
TheirPet TheirPet
I feel like my partner is my soul mate. From the moment we met we felt like we had known each other for lifetimes before that. We are quite different from each other but in complimentary ways. Our hobbies, and tastes all align perfectly but my partner is an introvert and I'm an extrovert.
geliebt geliebt
I used to generally dislike the term "soul mate" 'cause it sounded silly to me..

Aaaaaand then I met my amazing partner
We are, deep down, exactly the same person. Our experiences and lives have shaped us differently, but we feel the same, want the same things.. everything. It is absolutely incredible, and I had no idea that it was possible.
I can not imagine life without him...
Very quickly, it felt like a relationship that had existed for a long time. 3 Days after we got together, we were playing WoW, running around and being silly.. and it just felt like we had been doing that together for years.
I can't describe the feeling, really. Just blissful
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