Opinions for a New Toy in Long-Term Relationship?

Opinions for a New Toy in Long-Term Relationship?

Ace <3 Ace <3
My long-term girlfriend and I are looking for a toy that we both can use equally. We enjoy the harness & dildos we have, but all the ones we own only can be used on one (i.e. one wears the harness and the other receives penetrative sex). We have decided to look into getting one that can be used for both of us at the same time. Any suggestions on what to go for? I really enjoy the vibrating dildos we have, but she really likes bigger sized dildos (both length and girth). We wanted to ask for opinions before buying a few, so I'm curious to see what everyone suggests! Thanks for your opinions everyone, we appreciate it!
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js250 js250
Try one of the double headed glass dildos.
VelvetDragon VelvetDragon
I'd be careful using a glass dildo for double penetration; any thrusting could lead to someone getting a bruised cervix. But some people really like hard toys! Most of those are not very big, either, if that's what your gf really wants.

Here are some options for double-ended toys that can used with a harness -- and some of them, for SOME women, without. They're all different sizes, so I'd suggest looking at them all together, reading the reviews, and finding which fits you both. Some have vibrators included but they tend to not be very strong. (The Feeldoes you can sub your own bullet of course, but it's still not going to be super strong.)

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