Religious differences?

Contributor: (k)InkyIvy (k)InkyIvy
My partner and I have very different religious views.
He believes that there is a god. He believes that there is a heaven and hell, angels and demons, sinning, etc.
I believe in an odd combination of religions. I believe in doing good deeds, positive and negative energies... I believe that there are entities out there, but I don't feel like there is one single god. I believe in spirits, but not angels/demons.

Now, we're both relatively laid-back people, very live-and-let-live when it comes to most things. But we've butted heads many times over philosophy and religion.
Do you and your partner experience some disagreement (and bickering) about religious beliefs?
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Contributor: Chilipepper Chilipepper
We respect each other's faith and have it as an open discussion. Neither of us want to convert the other - that's like changing the person into something else. Especially don't believe that the other is wrong for their choice of spiritual path. I guess the main thing is respecting that it's part of who they are.
Contributor: Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
I'm am a staunch atheist but I usually attract Catholics for some very strange reason. Most of my partners were tolerant of my views, and I was tolerant of theirs. If we had a disagreement, we handled it with respect for the other. There is no reason for yelling or fighting, especially over something so open ended as religion. We both accepted that we had no intention of converting the other, so it never was an issue.
Contributor: Jul!a Jul!a
My husband and I are fairly well on the same level in that we both believe in higher powers but not necessarily one singular god and certainly not a god that claims to love everybody... except those who don't follow what he says. So fortunately religion has never really been a big issue for us.

My best friend is trying to deal with this in her relationship though. She's not terribly religious, but he is, and it's caused some arguments but so far they've been managing to work through it with the policy of "you don't try to change my views and I won't try to change yours." She's got no problem with him being religious and going to church and praying, and doesn't have a problem with their kids being raised religious, but doesn't want to be forced into a lifestyle she doesn't want. He would love very much for her to go to church and pray with him, but so far has said that as long as she doesn't try to prevent him from doing what he feels is right for himself that he doesn't mind. I hope they can keep this peace up if/when things get more serious.
Contributor: (k)InkyIvy (k)InkyIvy
I guess the easiest way to describe it is, we try to explain how or why we feel the way we do and believe what we believe.
He tries to explain what makes him believe that there is a single all-knowing, all-powerful deity. I point out that I have trouble believing that there is some great being in the sky that loves everyone, but lets such horrible things happen. I try to explain to him that I believe in fate, that things happen for a reason, and he tries to say that "Fate" is "God".
Usually the arguments are stupid and we move on quickly because we know that it's a waste of time and energy. I think we fight about it because it bothers him that I see the same things he does, but don't believe. And it bothers me that he so blindly puts his faith in a book that was NOT written by this "God". It was written by a group of people who probably took a few liberties and tossed in their own ideas. Even if this "God" did in fact tell them to write the bible, I doubt they wrote only what the god told them to write, whether they agreed or not.
Contributor: GoneBabyGone GoneBabyGone
Religion is one of those things we don't talk about a lot really. We have discussed it many times but it has faded to the side and we don't talk about it as much. We have established we believe differently on some things and similarly on others.

Both of us are Pagans of sorts, he is more of a practicer of witchcraft than I am. Neither of us have practiced in a long time. I think the longerwe are together the more our views tend to meld together in some ways.

I believe there is a god, I believe that all the god's people worship are the same god. A different aspect of the same god, but the same god. I believe in a heaven and a hell to an extent, I also believe in reincarnation. I think heaven and hell are where you go to rest or learn before you are reincarnated.

It's actually kind of complicated, what we believe, we've discussed but never really butted heads.
Contributor: GoneBabyGone GoneBabyGone
Oh yes, and we agree that we don't believe in the bible. There is to much contradiction there. The bible says it's okay to sell your daughter, it's okay to stone people to death. It's a sin to be gay, you aren't allowed to be near a woman on her period.

The bible condones baby killing:
"The people of Samaria must bear the consequences of their guilt because they rebelled against their God. They will be killed by an invading army, their little ones dashed to death against the ground, their pregnant women ripped open by swords." (Hosea 13:16 NLT)

The Bible hates gays:
"If a man lies with a male as with a women, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives."
(Leviticus 20:13 NAB)

The bible limits people from heaven based on the physical:
No one whose testicles have been crushed or whose penis has been cut off may be admitted into the community of the Lord. (Deuteronomy 23:2 NAB)
What if this poor fellow had an accident?

You have to kill the children for the parents sin:
"Make ready to slaughter his sons for the guilt of their fathers; Lest they rise and possess the earth, and fill the breadth of the world with tyrants." (Isaiah 14:21 NAB)

Etc,etc,etc, Both of us agree that we believe the bible is moose malarky. I don't believe in picking and choosing, either you believe it or you don't, You can't just ignore the bad in it.
Contributor: T&A1987 T&A1987
she's somewhat religious who follows the customs, i'm less religious who does not. There's no issue, unless one day she wants me to wake up at 7 for church, or when we go to her family and have to say grace.
Contributor: Ghost Ghost
I will not date anyone seriously who is any more religious than "agnostic". I'm just too staunchly atheist to ever get along with a religious person long enough.
Contributor: Tangerine Tangerine
Yes we disagree alot. I have never had any strong religous influence of any kind in my life. I have grown up with everyone around me in different religions (catholic, baptist, christian, morman, Buddah) My partner grew up J/W and was "IN IT" I pretty much have not single clue about relgion and have a real "eh whatever floats your boat" attitude towards other ppls beliefs. As for mine I dont know and it doesnt matter to me as long as I feel like I am honest and intentional. We go back and forth bc I do always say things like "yeah right, wheres the proof" But all in all I try to just hear her out since I dont have any super strong opinions. But it still gets her going
Contributor: geliebt geliebt
My current partner has pretty different religious views. I go from slightly spiritual (pastafarian ;D) to violently anti-religion, depending on how I feel. He's sort of casually christian- he believes in god and jesus and all that (but damn if he isn't hellish in bed ) but he's not ultra religious or anything. Honestly, we don't usually talk about it. We're not far enough in for it to have come up tons, but it's just not a real issue yet. We also have somewhat different political views, which does worry me at times
Contributor: GONE! GONE!
With my current one, no. We have similar beliefs even though we identify differently.
Contributor: oneeyedoctopus oneeyedoctopus
He's a Christian and I'm an atheist. But he's way less interested in religion and spirituality. I think about these things very deeply and like to talk about them, but he doesn't really engage with me. We certainly don't argue. We don't really argue about anything.
Contributor: rosythorn rosythorn
Originally posted by oneeyedoctopus
He's a Christian and I'm an atheist. But he's way less interested in religion and spirituality. I think about these things very deeply and like to talk about them, but he doesn't really engage with me. We certainly don't argue. We ...
I am a Christian and he is an atheist, it hasn't been too big of a deal because we both respect each other's opinion, but we have decided that when it comes to raising children this is a tricky issue!!! Very tricky.

We are till trying to work it out.