Toys as gifts

Toys as gifts

Do women like to get toys as surprises or gifts? Or is it better to pick what you want?
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Ghost Ghost
Like I said in another post, all women are different. Some will be open to the idea, and some will be mortified.
GaelicInsanity GaelicInsanity
While I agree with Elnoa about all women being different, I think that as long as you have open communication in your relationship that new toys will not only be welcome, but fun and exciting too.

If you keep lines of communication open, hopefully you and your partner are talking about what you like/dislike, what you have always fantasized about doing, etc. If this scenario fits you and your partner, I don't think you can go wrong with a new toy. A new toy tells your partner you trust them, you want them to be happy, you enjoy being intimate with them, and you feel close enough to them to give it to them.

If you're wanting to get a woman a gift which is inexpensive, simple, and yet WOWs every time, check out link. It's good for beginners and experts, and it's fun for solo time and couple time.

Good luck! I love getting new toys!

P.S. My boyfriend says, "All girls like presents. Start small and work your way up, but I say GO FOR IT!"
AAAToyGirl AAAToyGirl
I love presents... but I don't like surprises, lol. So, I have mixed feelings on this. Also, I have a large collection, so they would need to know me well enough to know if I had it or not already.
Thanks for all the input, maybe I'll run a few ideas by her nonchalant and see what she thinks.
Depends on the woman. I know what I like at this point, and I'm finicky, so I generally like to pick out my own toys. But if someone knows me REALLY well and sees something that just screams my name to them, maybe it would work. Maybe.
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