Valentines Day

Valentines Day

mysecretcollection mysecretcollection
My husband is currently in Kuwait and we have not seen each other for over six months.

Today when we were talking Valentines Day came up and I found out that all he did for me was mail me a card.

Is it wrong that I am hurt by this? Usually I could let it slide since he always forgets holidays (Hallmark or not), but this year I feel sad because with the distance I feel like we should be doing more to show each other love.
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sweetiejo sweetiejo
It might be hard for him to do so much more because he is away. He probably is feeling the strain of the long time away just as much as you are and might not have even really thought about it much. But the card is even more special because the distance he still went out of his way to do something for you.
LusciousLollypop LusciousLollypop
I once dated a guy in the air force and he was in Iraq for about a year. I know he only sent you a card but being overseas is hard to really send a good gift. I'm sure he misses you insanely and really wants to spend valentine's day with you since it means so much to you, like most women.

I don't know if you can Skype with him or not, but I know I did when my boyfriend was in Iraq. You can still be intimate and tell each other how much you love each other that way.

I'm sorry that you are hurt by this but it is a quite different situation other there.

I hope you can work through this and talk to him about it, maybe plan a Valentine's date over Skype or send him a very romantic letter to cheer him up.

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