Which wand is the best?

Which wand is the best?

heather-mooney heather-mooney 07/24/2012

I've heard so many things about the Hitachi wand and I'm wondering if brand names make a difference. Which have you tried and liked just as much?

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heather-mooney heather-mooney
help me!
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Kissy Kissy
I am so confused about wands too! I asked for help here maybe the results will help you choose too! Good luck. I am still seeing more and more options!
ejrbrndps ejrbrndps
I have to regular fairy wand...Its great! just ask yourself do you want wireless with batteries or wired thats constant power and eliminate toys until you narrow your selections?
Gracie Gracie
Of those hitachi!
Martiniman Martiniman
We have the Hitachi Magic Wand and it is phenomenal when it comes to power. The two problems are that it's too powerful for my wife, who climaxes to fast and is then done, and the head is to large to focus on an area like the clitoris.
We bought the LELO Smart Wand medium, and it's perfect. Perfect power, perfect head size, and no power cord to get in the way. A high quality toy that I think you will love.
Gina RPG Geek Gina RPG Geek
Originally posted by heather-mooney
help me!
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