Would you try something you were not into for your partner?

Would you try something you were not into for your partner?

Badass Badass
I'm recently faced with this, and part of me wants to let him have what he wants and the other part wants to run.
Have you ever compromised your desires for a partner?
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Chirple Chirple
It really depends. If it were something I was REALLY not into, I wouldn't do it just for them. I wouldn't try something that would make me upsettingly uncomfortable.

But if it was something I didn't really feel one way or the other about - I'd probably give it a shot. Or something I'd been thinking about, but wasn't sure of - I think we could probably compromise and ease into things.

But not something that would truly upset me in a profound way, not something that would make me feel degraded or a bad kind of dirty.
underHim underHim
My husband and I always say we will do anything for each other as long as it does not involve anyone else.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Your question is real vague. If the 'desire' was not physically harmful - I would be inclined to give it a try. My wife did not want to get into toys at all - but did it for me. Even now I keep pushing the envelope and she generally goes along. Without that openness things would be pretty boring around here.

She has benefited greatly from greatly from the new things I have introduced. That success has made her open to anal play which she has refused for more than 20 years - and she's beginning to like it. I imagine some time in the future she's going to ask herself - why did I wait so long?

Good luck!
js250 js250
It really depends on the 'why' factor. What are you not into it? Can you compromise and start with a small step and work up? Is it completely out of the question? Why? What are some alternatives? I could go on forever, I do tend to overthink everything.
TitsMcScandal TitsMcScandal
I would as long as there is communication. Sometimes trying something out for a partner leads to amazing new discoveries about your own sexuality. Talk to each other about why each of you likes or dislikes the activity/fantasy. Talk about reservations or how it can be slightly modified to be something you are more comfortable with possibly. Communicate during/after the activity too. Open communication is so important.
- Kira - - Kira -
I have done things for my husband before that were not things I was personally interested in. Some turned out well, others not as much. The only time I would not try something is if it would cause physical or mental harm. Also I'd probably say no if it was something I just felt I couldn't do for any reason.
mistressg mistressg
If I wasn't into it, or hadn't tried it, I would likely give it a shot. Try something new, please them, and maybe get into something new. However, if it was something that I was really uncomfortable with for some reason, rather than just "not into" it, I doubt it. I could try to see it positively, if I trusted them a lot with whatever it might be and maybe give it a try after some discussion and becoming comfortable with the idea.
SexyRayne SexyRayne
I have done that for my partners. as long as they know they can't always expect me to give in it is not a problem. If I am really scared or totally against it than NO, but in most cases if it will really make him happy I do not have a problem trying it.
oneeyedoctopus oneeyedoctopus
I'd do things I didn't feel strongly about one way or the other. If something made me uncomfortable I'd say not right now. I'd file it away and reconsider my feelings about it periodically.
married with children married with children
yes, unless it was something that was way too out there.
nova2014 nova2014
I've definitely compromised my desires for my partner a couple times like he has for me. That's just part of being in a relationship in my opinion, letting each other have what they want regardless of what I want sometimes and vice versa
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Unless it's a hard limit, I'll at least try it a few times
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