Omg, you're Poly!?!?!?

Omg, you're Poly!?!?!?

Paradoxus Paradoxus
So this was brought to my attention by my lover and partner, Airenwolf, that apparently she, Sigelfox, and I should feel "weird" for sharing her. /sarcasm on Hmm, they may have a point. Ever since we've given them uppity women folk the right to vote, they think they have a right to tell us what to do! Next thing you'll know they'll want equal treatment in the workplace! What? 21st century already? Really? Why was I not informed of this! /sarcasm off.

Basically put people, sex, while an integral part of any relationship, should never be its defining characteristic. No more than just being able to talk should be the cornerstone; a lack of either proper communication or intimacy means something is lacking whether it's between 2 or 200. Additionally, if you truly believe that one party should feel jealous of the other, why don't you tell me WHY? Last time I checked, jealousy is normally an insecurity of the individual feeling it and something that should be discussed and addressed. No one owns another, unless you're into that sort of play, nor do they command their lives or their journey's outcome.

Now I won't play the game of "is it higher evolution to detach or primal instinct to find multiple partners" theorem simply because it's insulting to either group by reducing it some common denominator as some sort of cookie cutter one-size-fits-all argument. You love the ones you do and you love as many as your heart allows you to. You don't love just the one child if you have two and you can't tell your heart to seal itself to the love of more than one and pretend it's true. You are who you are and the sooner you accept it and find those of like minded feeling, the better off you'll be.

As for the notion of being a "home wrecker" I'll ask you all this. Since when does becoming another pillar in the support of a household cause it to collapse? We share our joys, our sorrows, our love and our laughter with one another. I share a child with Airen whom, despite his tantrums of sheer mayhem, brings a warm smile to those who know him. If that somehow devalues our relationship in your eyes because God Almighty, I'm Catholic by the way for some perspective, doesn't approve, then I'll inform you that none of you speak on His behalf nor should you attempt to do so. Pretty sure somewhere in the Bible it warns of such evils, what with lack of authorization or two-way communication device....

Hopefully that at least illuminates one perspective. I don't write this to change minds nor to attempt to "justify" my actions. I write to inform how one life works in continuity with others. With any luck, it will at least allow those who are so fearful of society's reprisal to do the same as I have and risk the heartbreak and rejection that may have occurred. Life without living isn't worth doing.
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KrissyNovacaine KrissyNovacaine
I try to explain it those that are open to talking about non monogamy that I am a tribe. Both of my loves live with me and while they don't have a romantic relationship, they are both very close and we are a unit. I call us a tribe.

Geogeo Geogeo
Some people will just stubbornly refuse to understand and choose to be ignorant on some subjects that are far beyond their scope. It's too bad.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
See? I told everyone that my guys really don't understand why it's such a large issue. They feel jealousy just like everyone else but we deal with it differently. BOTH of them will probably be posting about the questions asked by the community because it seems like the same questions are being asked and they believe that, maybe, it's because I am not explaining it very well...cause I am the woman in this relationship, yanno?
Paradoxus Paradoxus
Originally posted by Airen Wolf
See? I told everyone that my guys really don't understand why it's such a large issue. They feel jealousy just like everyone else but we deal with it differently. BOTH of them will probably be posting about the questions asked by the ...
It's a skill shared between men actually. I'm betraying the brotherhood by typing this, but those of u with a penis use a series of grunts and scratching of various body parts to properly communicate these thoughts on a level unfathomable to women. Similar to the woman high pitched squeal talk normally heard by teenage girls but with more head-butting and sharing of beers.
Mistress Dragon Mistress Dragon
I would have to say that I have seen how these three are together,while Paradoxus is not here, they all work together as a team or triad to raise the little guy. (Who does bring a big smile each time I see his cute little face and the smile on his lips.) Each person in the relationship has a place and each take their part to heart. I love to see how well this relationship works with them. I hope my love and I are as close and good a team as they are.
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