Could group families work under the right conditions?

Could group families work under the right conditions?

Tripod95 Tripod95
BAck in the roman times a usual practice was that of group families. Bisexual parents that each had their own individual couples but were also polyamorous with eachother and lived under the same roof.
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Maybe, but probably not.
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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Could you site a source for this information? I've never heard of this practice during the Roman Era! It was common to have lovers and slaves but to have them share equal rank in the household I have never heard of. I could be wrong, mind you, I'm not a scholar but I have read and studied the Era as an arm chair enthusiast.

Group families can certainly work and the practice was common in some other civilizations. It was deemed appropriate for children to be raised by the entire community in more than one era. The idea of a nuclear family is actually a rather new concept. In the past it was more common to have several generations living under the same roof as well as lovers and 'body servants'.
Daisie Daisie
Group families can and do work, but be very careful when integrating partners with children into one family. The experience can be very rewarding for all involved, but devistating if the relationship terminates.

I personally live in a polyamorous household and have children, and had a partner who lived with me for a year with a son of her own. Her son and my son were like brothers. It would have been worth keeping the relationship going to keep the family intact, but things didn't work out that way. The loss of the family unit as we knew it has been devistating to all of us.

Children can be very accepting of polyamory, and if brought up with it, don't realize that everyone's marriages don't include outside relationships with other people who come and go through their lives. We've explained to our children as they matured into adults that sometimes, we fall in love with more than one person and that the new love doesn't change the love that we have for the first person. This is different from "swinging", for some relationships over the years have been nonsexual.

So the simple answer is yes, polyamory and the family unit *can* work.
jdFtM jdFtM
I think that any family and/or partnering situation can work. Depends on the people involved. Unfortunately, society and culture (In the USA, anywho) make this a lot more difficult to manage.
SexyStuff SexyStuff
It appears to work well for the Sister Wives group
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