For those of you with more than one person...

For those of you with more than one person...

ToyGurl ToyGurl
I have a few questions, just out of curiousity. Private voting.
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
I am with two people.
unfulfilled , Airen Wolf , Sex'и'Violence , l'amour , CutiePatootie , JDear , OrangeKushBB , Sugarfina , Mirachaya , thisisadeletedaccount , elli , Tangles , Happenstance , geekkink , Mistress Dragon , fernwehh , Strider , Cream in the Cupcake , Meltingfish , Cynoc , MimiPhryxus
I am with three people.
ac0313 , MissMori
I am with four people.
CoffeeCup , Creepellah
I am officially with 5 or more people.
All of us live together.
geekkink , MimiPhryxus
Some of us live together.
Airen Wolf , Sex'и'Violence , CutiePatootie , JDear , Sugarfina , Mirachaya , Happenstance , Mistress Dragon , Cynoc
We live close by to maintain healthy relationship.
We live close by because of other reasons.
ac0313 , Tangles , Strider , Cream in the Cupcake
One person often gets jealous of the others.
Ghost , Sugarfina , CadmiumKitty , Tangles
Everyone feels equally.
stars , Airen Wolf , CutiePatootie , JDear , thisisadeletedaccount , Tangles , geekkink , MimiPhryxus
I think someone in our relationship is jealous but wont say anything.
If anyone is jealous, they haven't said it yet.
pinkcupcakes , Sex'и'Violence , ac0313 , l'amour , JDear , Strider , Cynoc
Everyone in the relationship is happy with our choice.
Airen Wolf , Sex'и'Violence , CutiePatootie , JDear , thisisadeletedaccount , elli , Tangles , geekkink , Strider , Meltingfish , MimiPhryxus
Not everyone in the relationship likes the idea of dating several people, altogether.
In our relationship, I am the only one dating more than one person. One person considers themself belonging to one person only.
Sex'и'Violence , l'amour , Sugarfina , geekkink , fernwehh
Everyone considers themselves dating each other person.
CutiePatootie , thisisadeletedaccount , Tangles , Happenstance , Meltingfish , MimiPhryxus
My s/others don't exactly know I'm dating more than one person...
This is a choice I plan to live with long-term.
Airen Wolf , Sex'и'Violence , ac0313 , l'amour , CutiePatootie , Sugarfina , Mirachaya , thisisadeletedaccount , elli , Tangles , Happenstance , MissMori , geekkink , Mistress Dragon , fernwehh , Strider , thebest , Cynoc , MimiPhryxus
This is a choice I plan to give up eventually. I want to settle down one day.
I want to stick with it, but one or more of the others plans to give up eventually.
I don't really know how long this will last.
CoffeeCup , Sex'и'Violence , l'amour , CutiePatootie , JDear , badk1tty , thisisadeletedaccount , Tangles , Strider , Meltingfish
We are all same-sex.
Tangles , fernwehh
We are different sex.
Airen Wolf , Sex'и'Violence , ac0313 , l'amour , CutiePatootie , JDear , Sugarfina , Mirachaya , thisisadeletedaccount , elli , lomejo61 , geekkink , Mistress Dragon , Creepellah , potstickers , Meltingfish , Cynoc , MimiPhryxus
We are same-sex but we would like to meet someone of a different sex.
We are same-sex and not open to other sexes.
We are different sex and prefer to keep it that way.
Sex'и'Violence , CutiePatootie , Sugarfina , MimiPhryxus
How did you get into this lifestyle and what are your thoughts (explain below)
Airen Wolf , MimiPhryxus
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Peggi Peggi
I am currently only with one person but in the past I have dated up to 10 people at once. Not everyone lived together but for the most part we lived in close proximity and no one was ever jealous or unhappy about the decision. We had "rules" like if one of us wanted to date someone new everyone else had to agree that it was okay, and we always maintained levels of friendship so of course that way no one would feel like they weren't a part of the group especially since dating so many people and their dating other people meant lots of large get togethers when we weren't spending "alone time".
CreamySweet CreamySweet
Originally posted by ToyGurl
I have a few questions, just out of curiousity. Private voting.
I couldn't find a good match for the vote but thought I would write an answer... I am married (first and only husband I plan to have for nearly 15 years) So thats guy number 1... We have a closed marriage that is sexually open -meaning I can have sex with others provided we both agree on the who, when, where - same for my husband - and if either say no then the answer is no without only but no dating. As such I am currently banging my super hot gym trainer on a weekly basis (guy number 2) I also have a friend from long ago who I use to want to fuck who I recently did - and probably will again this week (guy 3) I also have another guy who wants to get busy but so far has only tongue kissed me and felt me up... probably guy 4??? And another who only wants bj's from time to time so... guy 5 i guess??? And yes my husband knows about all of them
K101 K101
One and only one person for me 100% Totally and completely monogamous... happily
CreamySweet CreamySweet
Originally posted by CreamySweet
I couldn't find a good match for the vote but thought I would write an answer... I am married (first and only husband I plan to have for nearly 15 years) So thats guy number 1... We have a closed marriage that is sexually open -meaning I can have ...
Ok... so I had another blast from the past hook up day with someone I didnt expect. So I guess we are up to 6.
ToyGurl ToyGurl
Originally posted by K101
One and only one person for me 100% Totally and completely monogamous... happily
Me too!
Beck Beck
We are only open to allowing women to join or sex life. I am ok with him sleeping with another women as he is also with me. Only things is I have to say it is ok and I have to be present. (Not involved but watching or involved!) Also same goes for me with another women. Neither one of us want another man involved.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Originally posted by ToyGurl
I have a few questions, just out of curiousity. Private voting.
I don't think I was ever not poly minded. Sigel and I have been together since 11th grade but we've always been open to sexual encounters with other people....him more than me unfortunately. I tried to be monogamous and could have probably been reasonably happy that way but he was miserable. Since we have opened our hearts and marriage to Arch we have been so much more than we ever were before. There are so many benefits that it's hard to list them!
One of the major ones we are seeing now is we actually have had to learn how to disagree like aduts because the third party won't accept the bickering and childish behavior. This is the one point where we are all equal as it doesn't matter which two are arguing the third will not be drawn into the fight but will call out the abusive one is necessary. (Not surprisingly it's usually me being called on the carpet!)
I honestly don't think being poly makes you more evolved or a better person (read less likely to cheat ect.) because I think that the skills necessary to make poly work are the same ones that are necessary to make monogamy work. A cheater is gonna cheat until he/she solves the underlying issues making cheating so appealing...or they meet someone who doesn't see sexual encounters as cheating. I like knowing who my partners are with and celebrating the special bond they build with this other person but neither of my partners are inclined to do this. Sigel prefers to keep it non-emotional and Arch is happy the way things are...still one can hope...
Sex'и'Violence Sex'и'Violence
So I was first introduced to cuckolding about 3 years ago (inadvertently) by my husband. We were exploring and talking about what each other were into and he put on a cuckolding porn to show me an example of small penis humiliation because I had never been with someone who fit that description before, let alone who actually wanted to be made fun of for it. When it was my turn to say what I liked I brought up that I was really turned on by the idea of me having sex with other men while he watched/listened but couldn't do it if he was able to see other women as well.

Anyway, we toyed with the idea and discussed it back and forth for a couple of years and finally decided it would be something that we want to try. Currently we live pretty far away from my friends/ "friends" so I don't get to take full advantage of the arrangement but I want to move closer to home soon. So hopefully...
ac0313 ac0313
Not in a poly relationship, but in an open one. She has more partners than I, but no jealousy (now). We have only joined with opposite sex partners, a couple times FMF, and one MFMF. We hope to find a female to share long term, but so far our long terms have only been MF.
OrangeKushBB OrangeKushBB
Loved this.
JDear JDear
How I got into a poly relationship is a bit confusing to explain but I'm really happy everything happened the way it did. I am female with a male and a female partner. They were engaged before we met and had dated other women before casually. I am the first to have a commitment with them and I love that they are my boyfriend and girlfriend. If there is any jealousy at all someone is hiding it very well. We are all considerate towards everyone else. They live together and I spend a considerable amount of time at their place and sleep over a few times a week. The sex is never boring or the same. We share fantasies and desires. I recently got them to open up to vibrators in bed, haha. I'm really happy with my decision to join their relationship but I don't know what the future holds. I'm also not sure if things will change when they get married.
badk1tty badk1tty
Public voting, oops? ^^
badk1tty badk1tty
Originally posted by ToyGurl
I have a few questions, just out of curiousity. Private voting.
I am with 1, as my husband isn't poly. darnit
Mirachaya Mirachaya
Lately my male partner and I have unfortunately drifted a bit away from our mutual female partner. She has another male partner besides the two of us and now considers him primary.(the mutual male partner and I don't see things in terms of rank) During this time him and I have moved in together. We'll see how it goes....
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
We are all college students, so our ability to live together is limited by dorm room assignments, summers, etc. However, we are guaranteed to be no more than ten minutes' walk apart for the majority of the next three years.
Tangles Tangles
I've been dating my current partner for a while and we just opened our relationship up to let someone else in. It's our first go at this kind of thing, and we're all excited it's happening, but we're also a little nervous and looking for information.

I just bought a copy of "The Ethical Slut" and I'm going to let them borrow it when I'm finished.
lomejo61 lomejo61
im currently in a commited relationship with one person and weve been together for over a year. we arent romantically involved with anyone else however we are sexually involved with our mutual friends
Happenstance Happenstance
My girlfriend has three other girlfriends (two of which are together and living with each other) and an aromantic sort-of boyfriend/moirail/quas i-platonic life partner who is also my aromantic sort-of boyfriend/kismesis/bes t-frienemy-with-benefi ts... He also has four other relationships. I'm not certain how he defines them. We're all allowed to have other romantic and sexual relationships outside of the existing ones.

The three of us that form my open triad have considered living together. They've already lived together for a while.

I love them both so much I don't have the words to say.

(P, dude, if you find this, don't freak out, I'm still not romantically into you. <3< )
(A, I most definitely am. <3 )
Cream in the Cupcake Cream in the Cupcake
In the beginning my husband knew and encouraged me seeing someone else, but then he got jealous but I'm still seeing him. Not sure if that really counts in this discussion tho.
Meltingfish Meltingfish
My fiance and I recently started dating another girl. We're all new to this, but we're (I hope) happy. My fiance and I are committed to each other for the long haul (obviously), but decided that we both wanted to see other people outside of our relationship.
MimiPhryxus MimiPhryxus
My husband and I got into this after we married...more accuratly I did anyways. He's been in poly and open relationships before me and had a very loose sex life lol.
We decided to bring in a female - at the time my roommate. That ended very badly but we became stronger because of it and learned we liked the ideal of poly too much to give up. We have dated 4 other girls and are now with the 5th and we hope final one - Pup. She now lives with us and we're looking for a place bigger and more fitting with all of our needs to settle down in.
We've had our spats but every relationship does, even monogamous ones. We have since started learning better communication so everyone gets their time and affection and needs met.
It can hurt but it can also be very beautiful and fulfilling.
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