Anyone have an ADULT PLAYROOM? Please make suggestions on what you have done.

Anyone have an ADULT PLAYROOM? Please make suggestions on what you have done.

Bignuf Bignuf
Kid is married and gone on to her own home. We have two "visitors" rooms, and a bedroom now just asking to be used for SOMETHING fun, for us.

Don't need a sewing or storage room....have plenty of that elsewhere in the house. Home theater is taken care of already in Family Room. Thus, I believe, it is time to have an adult play room!!!!

I am going to surprise my hubby with this one, when he goes off to Europe for three or four weeks on "business".

I have already considered mirrors on the ceiling (no Pink Champagne on ice..ha, ha), and mirrored walls. That is a given. We are both visual.

We are NOT into ANY kind of bondage, S & M or no suggestions about dungeons or whips and chains...etc, please.

I AM trying to figure if we should include some kind of bed or just some type padded floor...not sure on that at all. If a bed, what is BEST for JUST SEX, not sleeping????

I am also thinking of a black light fixture, to spice it up, and allow for use of body paint, etc.

I have ordered a 50 inch LED flat screen for the porn corner, and may have it mounted flush one wall. I have also ordered frosted glass to be placed in the windows, prior to my "build out" for permanent privacy. Now, I hear about "electro-optical" glass, that could allow me to TOTALLY black out the windows with a touch of a button. Anyone tried this???

I would redo the bathroom in that fairly large bedroom, and make it more play friendly, with a Jacuzzi tub, shower heads on both sides and maybe some other "unique fixtures", but am open to suggestions. Our friends who are MAJOR into enema play (we really are not), and golden showers (we have done some VERY mild urine play), suggested what they did in their bathroom (for which they popped almost $80,000), and put in a "flushing floor" is an all marble tile bathroom, and has a LIP at the door, is all WATERPROOF "green board" construction, and besides the entire room being a SAUNA, they can engage in WILD enema play, golden shower play (in the entire 24 x 14 foot bathroom...not just the "shower part", and when they are done making a hell of a mess, they just close the door, hit an "air switch" on the wall, and the room is FLUSHED with water from ceiling spouts (like a fire suppression system), and the dirty water (and anything else) goes down some large drains on the floor. They have a WATERPROOF, HEATED TOWEL CABINET and even a WATERPROOF HEATED toilet paper dispenser next to the DUEL commodes and bidet. (YES, they have side by side commodes....since, I guess, when doing hard core enema play, when the BOTH "gotta go, they gotta go". They even have a fridge built into the wall for beverages. No joke. It is insane, but GOOD LUCK when they go to sell that place. Any potential buyer is going to be like "WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS"??? Or else they will go "WOW...I'll take it"!!!!

In any case, I don't want to really go THAT radical, where the house would not be sell-able. Those folks plan to die there. We could still move in a few years...maybe.

SO....bottom line. ANY suggestions on the DREAM adult playroom???? Money is, thankfully, not a big issue here. Anything not insane (no solid gold stripper poles), is okay and do-able.

My biggest question mark is 1. Bed or padding the entire floor area somehow. 2. If BED, then what kind/size bed for sex. 3. BEST idea for sex swing....frame or ceiling mounted best????? (this room is about 30 x 32. I can have PLENTY of room for a bed, sex swing and any other toys you can think of. It used to be TWO bedrooms and closet, with a Jack and Jill bath. We moved the bath to the far side, took down all the walls and created a HUGE bedroom, when we first bought the place.

ANYWAY, all ideas VERY welcomed.
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mikeysPlace mikeysPlace
Sounds pretty awesome. How about having different types of furniture along with the bed, such as a large chair, a loveseat with an ottoman, etc. for trying different positions. And several different types of light sources such as from a couple of small lamps, some recessed lighting, etc. Dresser, trunk or closet outfitted for storing toys and lingerie. And a bar!
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by mikeysPlace
Sounds pretty awesome. How about having different types of furniture along with the bed, such as a large chair, a loveseat with an ottoman, etc. for trying different positions. And several different types of light sources such as from a couple of ...
Now that our "secret" is out of the bag, with the designer, she is really stepping up to the plate. SHE was the one that said "Am I REALLY supposed to believe I am designing a DANCE and WORKOUT studio, when you have me putting in a double padded carpet? Honestly, I have done ADULT "recreation lounges" before, if THAT is what this is supposed to be". It was an AMAZING moment as she immediately changed course. We are going to have a closet with divits on plastic coated shelves to store and dry dildo's and toys, and with a UV light to sterilize them!!!!!!! We have a dedicated shallow sink with large drying rack INSIDE THE WALK IN CLOSET for "toy cleaning".....etc.

She even asked if we were into any "messy play with body fluids"? We were kind of floored, but looked at each other, grinned, and said "um...maybe a bit of light urine play"? To which, with a smile and a wink, she said "how about a FLUSHABLE floor in the bathroom, so that the base of the tile floor is surrounded by a water SPRAY bar and when you hit a certain handle, it sprays towards the center of the room, and down into an imbedded drain!!!??? HOW COOL IS THAT. Even though we do our LITTLE bit of this in the shower, for almost no extra money, she can put in this room flush....which can ALSO be used in regular cleaning of the floor, I should add. This, plus other custom options are going to make this an amazing room. It was funny how she IMMEDIATELY took to the idea. She said she had a VERY wealthy client who admitted being into "scat" play (sorry...not us), and he and his wife openly asked for a shower drain that could accommodate "anything a high volume enema might dislodge", as well as wanting their bedroom to have floors and walls that could clean easily from any kind of urine or feces stains, along with built in IV poles for enema bags!!!! 1. Obviously WE are not the only one's with an adult playroom (ours sounds boring compared to some), and when you are a cute 30ish designer of custom a very small and limited market, it seems like everyone asks you to design these "special" rooms!!!!!
ejrbrndps ejrbrndps
we are going to have one someday!
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
Wow that sounds awesome. Good luck with it. I wish I had one but will have to wait till that day comes.
slynch slynch
I want a playroom too!
null null
That sounds wonderful! I want one...
You might consider a Zeppelin to have sex on, in lieu of a traditional bed.
Zandrock Zandrock
sounds awesome. I got no suggestions
Trysexual Trysexual
Prob never happen, but I always wanted a playroom with tons of pillows and mirrors.
Sxy Sxy
This piece of furniture is an absolute Must!

Hummingbird Hummingbird
You are inviting guests I hope, if so... Count us in! Seriously though you asked about a sort of bed. How about a massage table? We have one in our dining room that's portable so we can use our dining room for what it's intended for to. There's some really nice ones out their that you could adjust to different heights or lay solidly on the floor without the legs for more adventuresome play. The ability to make it all different heights will make for some real interesting positions too! Not only that you can actually use it for massages too! You might want to have an old fashions dry sink nearby for oils, towels, ointments, a couple of good wand vibes of course and also a place to keep toys nearby when using the table. We have a old fashioned dry sink with a drawer for towels or toys and 2 doors for underneath to hold anything else we like. Oh and ours ha a harp towel rack across the back for either decorative hangings or if needed more functionally for towels.

We don't have a dedicated Adult play room but we live alone without kids and so Each room has its own "hidden" perks, like the portable massage bed, e bedroom with its Penetration Station hidden smoothly under the covers but in easy grab ready to use reach. Lets not forget my Jewelry armoir that locks and actually hold all my favorite toys and away from family prying eyes.

Oh and if you do get a message bed make sure you get one with the adjustable U shaped headrest and forearm rest. Lastly remember an adjustable stool on wheels or yet more choices of positions and play!
CutiePatootie CutiePatootie
Wow, this is fantastic, maybe, one day.... Noting your comment about lighting/black lighting I would suggest checking out the LED lights that you can use with a remote (I know they're on they screw into a regular socket and can be any color you want.
Also, my friends have a sex swing that they have a huge o-ring mounted into the ceiling in various parts of the house. they have plants hanging from them when not in use.
Good luck!
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