Do you ever find any old photo's of yourselves together, which still give you sexy thrills.

Do you ever find any old photo's of yourselves together, which still give you sexy thrills.

Bignuf Bignuf
There is one photo of me, coming out of the water, on our first vacation as a couple, in a bikini. It's nothing special, but for some reason my husband just adores that photo of me, and the feelings/memories it brings back.

I was just doing some deep house cleaning and tossing out, or digitalizing old photo's and came across one that gave me shivers.

It's a silly story, but shortly after being married, in our 20's, he got tapped to play Santa (although he was rail thin) and I was an "elf". This was for sick children in the hospital. All afternoon he was smiling at me between children. I assumed he was just having a good time (which he really was).

Later that evening, at home, I was going to change out of that costume, and he begged me to "wait, I want a photo of us together like this, you look so amazingly sexy as a little elf". The only camera we had back then to catch such a photo was an old Polaroid with a snap on device you wound up, and had to wait about 20 seconds for it to actually press the shutter button!

Well, he was grinning so much as I set up the camera, I guessed he was sporting a hard on. I set the camera to "go", ran over to where he was sitting in our Barkolounger, and managed to find his Santa Suit zipper, and sure enough, my guy was hard as a rock. Well, I hiked up the back of the super short elf skirt, pulled aside the green panties and hopped on!!!! He had his arm around my shoulders, a "shit eating grin" on his face (looking admiringly at me, not the camera), and I was grinning ear to ear, with one arm stabilizing myself around his neck and the other arm straight out, pointing at the camera, and one leg down, but the other straight out too. The camera clicked at the very moment my hips settled on his lap. I was so "wet" I just slid right down the "Santa pole".

Anyway, it's a goofy photo that looks 100% innocent, and even sweet. A Santa and his Elf couple. Totally "G" friendly photo, unless you know was really going on!!!! I had forgotten completely about that photo, and now, seeing it, I am soaked...just from the memory.

I am taking that faded Polaroid and with some luck might even digitalize and enhance the colors a bit. I have decided to frame it and put in up on our walls. A little "dirty secret happy moment memory" for just him and me.

Do you have any old photos that elicit amazing memories and thrills, regardless of the content of the photo?
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No. Sure don't.
Yes I do! (feel free to tell us about it).
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Bignuf Bignuf
I would love to hear the contents of some of these photos, which obviously do hold some passionate memories for other people here.
HannahPanda HannahPanda
I love looking at them!
Trixxxy Trixxxy
I would just post the picture but I don't know if that's even allowed here xD
SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
The pictures of us where we met (Mexico) still gives me chills (good ones) when I see them.
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