Trick to spice up marriage after a baby?

Trick to spice up marriage after a baby?

Moonxbb Moonxbb
I recently had my firts baby born. Marriage hasnt been the same since then any tricks/ idea to spice up things, since we are a young couple and i dont want bad sex to be reason to our divorced.
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meitman meitman
I'm sure there are things you can each can do, but it may also just take a little time. Especially after your first baby it seems to take a while to figure out your new routine.
SneakersAndPearls SneakersAndPearls
Well, first off, how long has it been since your baby was born? It is not uncommon for there to be a bit of husband vs new baby jealousy for mommy's affections. It's a point of contention in many relationships.

If you are recovered from birth, very seriously, there is a possibility that you just have to make yourself have sex. That sounds awful, but hear me out. Many people (not all), if they don't have sex for awhile, sort of stop wanting it. To get back in the swing of things, it may help to just do your darndest to get into the mood and have sex whenever you can.

If the problem is time (no one knows better than me that babies take a lot of time and energy), agree to come together with your husband at a time when you know (or assume) the baby will be asleep. If the baby happens to be awake at that time, wait until the baby is asleep, but don't give up. Even better, bring your little one to Grandma's for a while if she is near by.

Whatever you do, try not to let the baby be an excuse. "Sorry, honey, the baby kept me up and I'm too tired." If sex vs baby is already a problem, that is nearly guaranteed to make things worse.

I hope that helps you get your sexy groove back. Remember to be open with your feelings. If all else fails, counseling is not a bad idea.
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by Moonxbb
I recently had my firts baby born. Marriage hasnt been the same since then any tricks/ idea to spice up things, since we are a young couple and i dont want bad sex to be reason to our divorced. have a lot of god answers down there, so I will keep this simple. A baby is a lot of work and fatigue and even frustration will be normal and you take it out on each other. HOWEVER, that baby will grow up, and OUT before you know it (trust me, it happens in two blinks of an eye...almost scary. Some day, not now, but someday you will understand what I am saying). However, for now, remember, it USED TO BE, just the two of you. One day, it will be AGAIN. So...your hubby, believe it or not, should be the MAIN relationship you have. No matter HOW much you love your child, no matter HOW much attention you devote to being the worlds BEST mom, don't ever neglect that relationship that MUST last longer. You MAY be with "child" in your home for 20 years, or even 22 or 25. You COULD be with hubby for 50, 60, 70 or more, so right now, EVER WHEN EXHAUSTED and wanting nothing more then sleep....TRUST ME...take the extra TWO MINUTES and give each other a BIG, wet kiss. Take the time to put on some sexy nightie or just pop in a porn DVD and say "let's try that, honey"....and MAKE TIME FOR YOU BOTH...together. Mind you, that goes TWO WAYS. HE needs to be looking out for you too. A little help and then some romance make for a MUCH healthier and happier, two parent home.
babycakess babycakess
With two kiddos in the house, it can be difficult sometimes. Even with a small baby on an erratic sleep schedule, it is possible. My suggestion - don't stop touching each other. When you're alone (sometimes its just a brief moment in the kitchen), reach around and squeeze his ass, rub his cock through his pants, whatever. Of course, kiss often, smile, flirt, snuggle... but when you can throw the slightly more naughty touches into the mundane moments, it will help. Sometimes, I'll randomly pull up my shirt and flash him. Once you've spent a day of "foreplay", and the baby finally falls asleep you can quickly get naked and even if its quick, it can be VERY satisfying. We have mastered the art of the "quickie" since having kiddos because sometimes those windows are pretty small.
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