Virginity Until Marriage

Virginity Until Marriage

Passionate Pastor Passionate Pastor
What are your thoughts on abstinence until marriage? What reasons (religious, STD's, etc) motivate your opinion?
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Ghost Ghost
I did not save my virginity for marriage, and it doesn't bother me. I don't think virginity is important. It's not a commodity and it doesn't define me. If you are responsible and safe with your body and your partner's body, I don't see the problem with having sex when you feel it's time.
Peggi Peggi
There's that saying "to each his own". I feel that if you want to wait you should, if not, then why bother.

Personally for me, I was having sex long before marriage. But I can understand some people waiting for religious reasons. As for STDs I never really understood that one.

I have one friend who waited until she was married, age 27. She said she never regretted it one bit, but hated that he had a lot more experience and it was intimidating. But she was happy with her choice and although I teased occasionally she teased me too (she'd call me a slut and I'd call her miss virgin lol) but she knew I respected her decision and supported her 100% even if some of her friends didn't.

I think it's just a personal choice
Beck Beck
Originally posted by Peggi
There's that saying "to each his own". I feel that if you want to wait you should, if not, then why bother.

Personally for me, I was having sex long before marriage. But I can understand some people waiting for religious ...
Agree personal choice.

My choice was do not wait. Have as much fun as you can and then some. Just be safe and know your partners.
AndroAngel AndroAngel
I think it's a personal choice. I don't put much stock in marriage, it isn't my horse in the race, but I also chose to wait until I found someone I wanted to be with for life to have sex. It wasn't so much because I placed a ton of value on virginity, though, it was because I didn't want a partner at all and he changed my mind.

I think, though, that whatever is best for the individual is the best choice.
Ansley Ansley
Virginity until marriage is as realistic as sex after marriage...

OK, my sarcasm meter is off today, anyway. I think people should be able to whatever they want, when they want when it comes to sex. It's an extremely personal choice and no one but that person gets a say in it.
bsgs bsgs
you dont buy a car before you test drive it, and you shouldnt get married before having sex with that person. you might not be sexually compatible and that could ruin a marriage.
TameTemptress TameTemptress
I'm on the "to each his own" side. We didn't wait, and it wasn't really something I planned on.
bayosgirl bayosgirl
I didn't wait and I wish that I had saved my virginity for the right person.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Personal choice. I waited until I could handle the responsibility if anything went wrong. It's something I can respect people for waiting, but I can understand why people don't. Sexual compatability helps a lot with making a marriage fun.
MistressDandelion MistressDandelion
I waited for the right person, but we had fun before the actual marriage...
ghalik ghalik
Why would I wait for something that's not even legally available to me?
Bodhi Bodhi
I'm also along the each to their own line of thinking. If it's a personal thing, and it works for them, then it's all good.
I wasn't a virgin, but I think if someone wants to wait, more power to them. I know that if I had married the first person I had sex with, I'd probably have been miserable.
Princess-Kayla ♥ Princess-Kayla ♥
I didn't save it for marriage. But I gave my virginity to the man I ended up marrying.
CamelliaGirl CamelliaGirl
I don't think it's the best idea to not know what your marriage partner is like sexually. I do think one should sexually shop around and figure out what they like.
Eugler Eugler
We didn't wait and we were quite experienced before.

If I had met a girl who wanted to wait we never would have become a couple, but not mainly because of waiting but because of incompatible religious views.

Of course everything is the own choice but I guess I would never date a girl who is religious.
sexyfish sexyfish
My husband an i waited until we were married and i would never change that. No baggage from previous sexual encounters, no comparing each other to previous lovers, and complete trust in each others ability to resit temptations outside the relationship. And we painted that "blank canvas" with lots of fun, trying everything together and being very open about what we want.
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Please no. Fuck me now.
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