Adult personals sites -- yay or nay?

Adult personals sites -- yay or nay?

Kat Shanahan Kat Shanahan
I'm single (and, really, happily so.) I'm picky as hell, and I'm not willing to lower my standards, so I came to the realization long ago that my Mr. Right is not waiting around the next corner. I'm perfectly okay with that, since I don't believe that a person needs a significant other to have a healthy sex life.

Lately, though, I've been mulling over the idea of joining an adult-oriented personals site (specifically, AdultFriendFinder). I have to admit that finding a like-minded person (or couple) to have a little email/IM fun with makes me curious. I'm not necessarily looking to meet them in person (I'd have to think about that very carefully) but sharing fantasies via email sounds like fun.

Has anyone here ever tried something like this? Does it smack of desperation, or am I just overthinking this? Any opinions would be appreciated.
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js250 js250
It is just another community...what you use it for is up to you. My hubby and I are on there, not looking for people, just to have fun with pics and video etc. Have fun with it, do not take it too seriously and only take it as far as you want to go. Just be open and honest about your expectations from the start.
PleasurableThings PleasurableThings
It's a great idea. It sounds like the opposite of desperation to me: a desperate person would accept anything, but you're being very selective, only wanting to chat with people who are similar and only wanting to meet with a person/people who are perfect for you.

I used these sites when single, my husband and I met on an online dating site, and we have our profile up on some sites for couples to socialize with other couples. It's really the best way to talk with no strings attached, and if you do want to meet, to make sure that you narrow down the candidates to those who are the best match possible for you.

Good luck!
hillys hillys
Its very good to be selective in the end. But still have fun with people who share similarities, because then you can have fun in life and get more experiences. It's not desperation, you're just having fun as long as you keep to your own standards of life
LenaLovesFun LenaLovesFun
I've met some of my best friends on adult personals sites (AFF and Adultspace) some I've had sex with and some I haven't.
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