Have you ever dated someone who...

Have you ever dated someone who...

Thumper Logic Thumper Logic
Was so up and down that they confesses undying love and plans for the future, then dumped you the next week? If so, how did you react?
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Ansley Ansley
I pointed them towards the nearest exit and therapist. That shit is for high school.
P'Gell P'Gell
I have never had that happen.

I had pretty good instinct about liars and tools.

I did date one guy who got too close too soon, and was doing some talking that, even at 18 years old, I could see was bullshit. I wasn't all that into him (I NEVER had sex with him) and he, as predicted did this weird "Break up" thing. First of all, I wasn't that into him, I thought we were just hanging out, wasting time together. He did say he wanted to take me to my Senior Prom (which I found a little weird, because he was in his mid 20s) But, I knew it was just that, wasting time together. He "Broke up" with me (which I found hilarious, because not only was I in an Open Relationship with My Man, and just messing around with other guys) but I wasn't that into this guy he did the whole, "Someday you'll find someone you love as much as I love this woman" whoever the chick was that he was going after. He seemed upset that I wasn't upset about this, and I wished him well. Then he asked if I wanted him to hold me while I cried. Uh. I wasn't even close to crying. I told him I was cool and not to worry about it. He kept trying to convince himself I was upset, until I just walked away from him.

FTR, the chick he went after was still married and went back to her husband after a week with this guy.

I'd say I dodged a bullet, but it was never serious. I was getting more and more turned off every time I went out with this guy and his "breaking up" with me was a huge relief.

But, that's about as close to that as I've had.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
I just get the weird breakups. They never want to mention anything about any type of commitment.
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