How do you handle a break-up?

Contributor: link82 link82
What is your favorite thing to do after a break-up?
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Pig out on junk food
1  (2%)
MissK680 , Beck , Kitka , karay123 , whitknee , subwayrailings , GONE! , damnbul12
8  (14%)
Go out with friends
Mew , Kdlips , Ms. Spice , Sublime , eak59 , cheetahpita , Ahatmadeofshoes12 , Lano4ka , sugar&spikes , padmeamidala
10  (18%)
Cry over old photos/ notes/ memories
MrRainybowbow , Enchantedkitty , orange_cutie , kittychilla , tinadice , LoooveMonkey , VanillaFreeSex
7  (12%)
Other (please explain)
Yoda , Miss Zombie , SamsDelight , Lio , bunny love , deletedacct , Retro.old , Kkay , ParisLove , darthkitt3n , anonomous , Ivy Wilde , lilly555 , Trishcuit629 , Envy , Lucidity , kinky girlfriend , T&A1987 , Lucky21 , LoveDove , Jake'n'bake , eeep , LilLostLenore , KyotoAngel , LavenderSkies , potstickers , FallFire , Deeder , Beautiful-Disaster , tami
30  (54%)
Total votes: 56
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Yoda Yoda
I haven't had to do this for a while, but I used to go buy a couple a my favorite shows on DVD (curb your enthusiasm, deadwood, lost, the simpsons, etc.), then binge watch them all in a couple of days. By the time it was done, I usually felt better.
Contributor: MrRainybowbow MrRainybowbow
Ushally i loose my apatight to eat for a few days to a week
Contributor: Enchantedkitty Enchantedkitty
I normally take a while to think about things and go over memories
Contributor: Miss Zombie Miss Zombie
Feel crappy for a few days & get over it... There's nothing else to do. Can't make someone want to be with you.
Contributor: SamsDelight SamsDelight
I would go on vacation. Nothing more refreshing than seeing something new. I was 24 before I got married and it was a running joke that I was moving on to the middle of the state because I had seen every state on the east coast.
Contributor: bunny love bunny love
I've only been with one guy other than my current boyfriend. I excommunicated the other guy from my life. That was pretty much the only thing I did when we stopped seeing each other.
Contributor: deletedacct deletedacct
Stay busy.
Contributor: Retro.old Retro.old
Drink and go out with friends!
Contributor: Kkay Kkay
It's been awhile, but I read sad stories.
Contributor: toxie m toxie m
I usually seek out friend companionship pretty hard and keep myself occupied being with people I love. Sometimes I drink, sometimes I don't. I let myself mourn a bit but then force the moving on stage to kick-start and keep real busy. Self-improvement hobbies are usually very useful, learning a new skill or whatnot.
Contributor: ParisLove ParisLove
Cry until i cant cry nomore
Contributor: ParisLove ParisLove
Originally posted by Miss Zombie
Feel crappy for a few days & get over it... There's nothing else to do. Can't make someone want to be with you.
I totally agree.
Contributor: anonomous anonomous
On to the next one. You cant find the right one if your too focused on the wrong one!
Contributor: Kdlips Kdlips
go out
Contributor: Beck Beck
Drink while I am out with friends!
Contributor: Ivy Wilde Ivy Wilde
I've usually been the one breaking up with him. A couple of times I've had to deal with it by calling the police. Seriously. Some guys just do not want to give up. The few times I've been dumped, I mainly just read lots of books, which is pretty much the same thing I do any time I'm stressed.
Contributor: lilly555 lilly555
I use retail therapy, but I have to go out and shop I can't do it online that doesn't help with the healing as much. I know that's probably not healthy.
Contributor: Kitka Kitka
A little bit of drinking with friends while we watch some of our favorite movies. It's not always the method I use, but it works for me when I use it.
Contributor: Trishcuit629 Trishcuit629
I buy lingerie. Nothing like a sexy little outfit to get me feeling good about myself again!
Contributor: Envy Envy
Anything that reminds me of the person, I box up and put away to tackle a year or more later when i am fully over the person and then i decide what i want to keep and what I want to throw away. I usually end up crying a lot over it and spend time with friends, or veg out with some video games. Movies don't always help as they always seem to stick romance in them and it makes me feel worse.
Contributor: karay123 karay123
I said drink but that's my favorite thing to do whenever.
Contributor: Lucidity Lucidity
All of the above.
Contributor: kinky girlfriend kinky girlfriend
Originally posted by link82
What is your favorite thing to do after a break-up?
I purchased a program Called the Ex Recover System it was expensive and I got like the most expensive package. Very detailed and specific follow it and u are likely to win your ex back. It worked for me. We are doing great. You focus on you set goals achieve them and after so long write a short special crafted letter..its about controlling your emotions focusing on the good in life. THere are several methods to follow and there are some very long PDF's and videos...they were GREAT. I actuall want to keep the program and take notes to keep the relationship working well u can use the tips even while in a relationship...well some of the things in the program just ignore then.

Besides that think and cry over memories and pictures...I also want to change for the better and do fun things.
Contributor: Sublime Sublime
Go out with friends and drink! Essentially just be happy with what I have in life.
Contributor: switzerland switzerland
i definitely need my friends there.. going out and having fun is awesome, but mostly i just want to sit and wallow, but not be alone. good friends will never leave you alone
Contributor: cheetahpita cheetahpita
Finding things to do helped me the most. Friends are great too, but just keeping busy in general so I didn't have to think too much about it.
Contributor: Lucky21 Lucky21
Depends, but if it's someone I care about, I usually spend a lot of time soul searching. Oh, and road trips.
Contributor: Ahatmadeofshoes12 Ahatmadeofshoes12
Handled my last break up by eating ice cream, drinking rum and watching Tim Curry in lingerie (Rocky Horror always seems to make me happy).