My Dating History.. why so hard?

Contributor: Undiscovered Undiscovered
Hi I am a 22 year old plus sized virgin who is having issues in the dating world. I know am a beautiful woman but not that confident. I am trying to work out at the gym to be healthier. In high school I was incredibly shy so I online dated guys who lived far from me. The longest was approximately 2 years and we never met. We still talk to this day as friends.
Now that I am older I am starting to dislike these relationships. I want to have someone who I can hold, who feels real. So I tried meeting people by going out with friends and creating accounts on dating sites. I do meet majority of the guys I am interested in. I am upfront with the guys about being a virgin.
When I am on the dates I try to be as good as I can and agree with majority of what he says. Maybe that's just my BDSM side, the submissive one.
On the dates I only make it to date one or up to date three. At the end of the one time dates. They don't express any interest in wanting to continue. I might type thanks for whatever we did and I would get a smiley face. When I actually make it to date number three, he might not text or call back. How do I make it past date number three?
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Contributor: js250 js250
If there was an easy answer, this would not be an issue for the majority of those who are interested in a relationship. The suggestions I would make are to be yourself, you should offer your own opinions in a conversation, go out with people who have the same interests you have and have fun--relax and enjoy the dates.

Many people repress their own personalities when trying to find someone special and this often leads to misunderstandings about who they are and lack of interest. There are many guys out there who really want someone to be close to, have fun with and do things just need to find someone that is as special as you are and the magic will happen. Hugs & good wishes that you find him soon!!
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