Online hookup sites

Online hookup sites

Layenna Layenna
Lately I've been curious about the online dating scene, as my friend (with benefits) has talked about how she meets people online all the time. Getting a little jealous at her success, I have been looking around for sites to make a good casual hook-up with no strings attached. Anyone have some good sites they know of to recommend?
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K101 K101
Honestly (not speaking from my experience, but from my sister's) I think sites that are not specifically for dating are best at meeting a variety of people. I mean, if you must do it via online, being active on sites like FB and sites where you have conversation going (forums with people near your area or not depending on if location matters to you) are amazing for meeting people. I've been involved in a few different forums. Here, a coffee shop for writers, prisoner pen-pal forum, and a support group forum. Those are all things I'm involved in (well, not willingly involved in the problems I have which caused me to seek a support group). But I'm involved with 2 prisoners who I frequently conversate with. Not romantically though. They're just lady friends. I'm a writer, so the writer's forum is a place I can really always have something to say and can relate to others.

So being involved in something like a forum that's kind of aimed for something you do (a hobby? reading, writing?) will bring you to definitely having conversations with others who are doing/enjoying or suffering from the same things. It's an easy way to have conversations with tons of diff. people.

I have never used a dating site though. If I were looking to date though, I'd just be more aware of others I see when I'm at places I enjoy like the book store. If I were looking for a date, I'd just be sure to strike conversations with people there or somewhere else I frequent for enjoyment. You'll have something to get the ball rolling and likely have things in common.

Sorry that I don't have site recommendations, but maybe these suggestions might be of help? Reach out to different people on FB. There's a non-profit organization group I work with and when we want to reach out to more people online, we look for certain terms/phrases to search them out and that's how we find like-minded people. Keep an eye on people who share the same likes, dislikes, etc. Commenting here and there on something they say that strikes you (good or bad) will bring up conversation. I've met TONS of friends on FB just by this.
Layenna Layenna
Originally posted by K101
Honestly (not speaking from my experience, but from my sister's) I think sites that are not specifically for dating are best at meeting a variety of people. I mean, if you must do it via online, being active on sites like FB and sites where you ...
Thanks for the experiences! Yeah, so far most of the people i've met down here are from random forums like you mentioned. There are a lot of them out there, so i guess it's just a matter of finding the right ones for me.

As for the hooking up, I guess you're right about just knowing how to connect to people you meet. I guess I was thinking that if people are on hook-up sites they're already just expecting nothing more. I'm kind of looking for more friends down here, and if they come with benefits that's just a huge plus.

I've never really considered facebook for meeting people, only for keeping in contact with the ones I already know. I guess I've been kind of skeptic after hearing all the horror stories of meeting creepers, but come to think of it it's not that much different from any other site where you post a picture and personal info.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I've been on a couple different sites, you really do get what you pay for.

I think the best best is to actually pay and use a reputable site.
Layenna Layenna
Which site do you think would be the best to look for it? I've seen a couple so far, but nothing has really caught my interest. I'm looking for a couple of success stories that maybe people have found something with. I don't know if I'll be able to pay for it or not, but if it's not that expensive (~15/mo) then i could work with it.
lesglitter lesglitter
I'd try out okcupid, if you haven't. For my area anyways, they have a thriving hookup culture. And if you're into kink, I've heard good things about fetlife.
Layenna Layenna
I actually ased one of my friends about okcupid, it's been the easiest and most successful so far. I've made some really good friends and some with benefits
closed account closed account
a dating site or a hook-up site? if ur looking for casual i would say hook-up. in which case opt for one that would have people of similar interests such as Fetlife if ur a kinkster.
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