Bees- A sound test?

Bees- A sound test?

Nashville Nashville
I went through yesterday and read A LOT of reviews and I realized how my bees differ so much from other reviewer's.

What would be neat is if you could sign into your account and listen to a sort of "hearing test" and rate a series of sound clips from 1 to 5 stars. Then maybe a customer could do the same and that way they could find reviewers who match up with their particular hearing to help them decide if toys are really as loud or as quiet as people say. I know how frustrating it is to receive a toy and have it sound like a construction zone instead of the "quiet, gentle buzzing like a bee hive in a meadow" that the reviewer described it as.

I don't think this could ever be a possibility as it seems so complicated (at least in my head) but it would be nice. I read dozens of reviews of toys that I own and I can't help but think "wow, did they listen to the same toy?"
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His scarlett His scarlett
Originally posted by Nashville
I went through yesterday and read A LOT of reviews and I realized how my bees differ so much from other reviewer's.What would be neat is if you could sign into your account and listen to a sort of "hearing test" and rate a series of ...
sounds like a great idea to me too - i know that my hearing isn't the sharpest so it may be i am rating things differently to those with sharper hearing
Beautiful Dreamer Beautiful Dreamer
That would be a great idea. But you always wonder how loud the volume is up on their computer.

I think batteries also can change the noise level of a toy. I usually use rechargeable because they're less wasteful, but found myself completely out of charged batteries so I grabbed some industrial strength AA. My vibrator turned into a jackhammer. I usually use it on the highest setting and could barely handle the low. It also was VERY loud with the industrial batteries, where usually it can't really be heard underneath my covers.

It is a great suggestion, I just worry that there still will be a lot of variation. But at least it's a start.
Cock Wrangler Cock Wrangler
It is a good idea. That's always the problem (or just item of note) with ratings- they are subjective. That's why it's good to have more than one.
BeeLeaveMe BeeLeaveMe
I think that toys may seem louder to some than others. For instance if you have kids running around the house something that may seem quieter to someone without kids may be louder to you because your worried about who can hear through a door.

I always leave a toy running and then close the door to see if I can hear it through a door. Some toys that seem incredibly loud and end up being quieter if they are being used or under the covers etc.

I think the Bee is used as just an average of the sound. Obviously a little bullet is going to be quieter that a giant rabbit with duel motors.
Bulma Bulma
I think everyone ranks things differently, whether it is the star rating, the bees or the vrooms. I know some people rate toys based more off of personal fit than actual toy quality, and some people are way more sensitive to vibrations than others are. I really try to go off of the guidelines for bees, with the whole can be heard through covers but not a closed door and all that. I agree that's why having multiple reviews is so important. I know that if 6 people rated something as super loud and 1 person rated the toy as whisper quiet, I would assume that it was really loud. Although I have had a couple toys that everyone else said was really quiet and the one I received matched the Hitachi in volume. In that case I assumed mine was a little bit defective or out of the norm, just because it was a huge difference from everyone else's experience.
Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
I think people rank based on an individual setting, rather than overall. Usually when I rank a vibrator's noise level, I rank it at its middle setting, since I figure that's what people will use the most. For example: I ranked the turbo glider at 3 bees, but at its absolute highest setting, which is REALLY strong and pretty loud, I'd rank it at 4 bees. I tried to make a note of this sound difference in my written review.

Also, some people have different expectations for vibrators. I usually prefer "3 bees or less" because I expect a decent vibrator to give off some noise--it has a motor, after all! But other people expect a vibrator to be virtually silent (especially if they're new or want discretion), or they're used to very loud vibrators like the Hitachi.
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