How helpful are video reviews?

How helpful are video reviews?

sweetpea12 sweetpea12
I have made video reviews for every sex toy I own. I know that when I'm looking into buying a new toy video's are extremely helpful to me. But I don't know if i'm overdoing it with all the videos. Do you think that video reviews are a waste of time, or do you think they are really helpful?
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powerandintent powerandintent
I LOVE when reviewers include videos. I like seeing how things work and it's just easier for me to see that in a video than it is for me to picture it while reading.
Loriandhubby Loriandhubby
i make videos for two reasons, to help the buyers find out what the toy really looks like, size, ect. and to help sell the product. I think a nice sexy and prevocitive video really sets the off. It makes it look more personalble and usable. idk if i'm saying this right. i hope i'm makeing scence.

But with all EF does for us with points free products each month to review I feel helping them sell items is an honor and something i can give back.
Kissy Kissy
I love video reviews!!!! I wish I could make them though, but not comfortable with them yet!
I love them, but only the ones where the product is super visible so I can clearly see the size, flexibility, etc. I don't really care for ones with a long lead-up and random stuff.
married with children married with children
most of the ones I have seen are not very helpful. They can be nice to watch, just not helpful when it comes to showing off the toy or adding to the description of it.
asphyxia asphyxia
I LOVE the video reviews that show the item from all different angles and compare it to similar and/or familiar items. This type of descriptive video review is great for helping me decide if want to buy the product, so I will always watch them when they're available.

I don't have anything against the artsy/sexy reviews either. I especially love nudity, but those videos usually don't help me understand the product much better.

TLDR: Don't stop making videos! They're awesome!
Ms. N Ms. N
Honestly, I never watch them. Videos take too long to load with my internet speed.
Beck Beck
I watch the videos before purchasing an item. I can usually hear them and see the size of them. Sometimes just a description can be confusing. So a video helps you see it all. If done properly.

I have fun doing adult videos. It's a pain to get my hubby to do them, but I think they come out better for me. Though they aren't helpful in knowledge about the item generally. They are fun to watch. Especially Owl's!!!
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