A Matter of Convenience

A Matter of Convenience

Ansley Ansley
I just took a ton of pictures of one of my latest assignments (gosh, it's harder than it looks) and I know that a lot of mainstream sites buck pictures for Eden, whether due to content and/or commercial use is debatable.

I know of one journaling site and possibly one more where I could post an entry and link back to it off of my review on Eden. So my question to you is...

Just how annoyed would you be if I created a collage of the different shots, uploaded it as a main entry to said blog and then linked back to it for visual purposes? (Answer selections are mostly tongue-in-cheek.)

Oh, and I would make sure you wouldn't have to do anything special to see the pictures.
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
Not annoyed at all, might be better that way if a kiddo is scampering about!
2  (12%)
Slightly annoyed but I'll still love you anyway
1  (6%)
Very annoyed and I'd never read another review of yours again
I'd only check out the pics if I was seriously interested anyway, no skin off my back Jack!
13  (81%)
Total votes: 16
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Sir Sir
Since I HIGHLY dislike the formatting of images in on-site reviews, I much more prefer them to be off-site or on Edenfantasys' upload feature.
Antipova Antipova
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if, in the future, we're asked either to upload pictures directly to the product pages and link to those in the reviews, or not put pictures in reviews at all, because sometimes they're overused.

But, on topic---yeah, link your pictures elsewhere and I'll check'em out if I'm interested! Or, if you really want to put them in your onsite review, imgur.com has never done me wrong.
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