Do bad review photos annoy you?

Do bad review photos annoy you?

pixxie87 pixxie87
Anyone else annoyed when the review photos arent helpful?
Aweful dark lighting when reviewing makeup.
Face photos when its a lingerie/clothing review.
Close up of the chest instead of the outfit.
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20  (71%)
5  (18%)
I dont care
1  (4%)
2  (7%)
Total votes: 28
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- Kira - - Kira -
As I said in the other post you made, no I'm not annoyed by it. Not sure why two posts were necessary on the subject.

There has been talk before on the forums about having discussions like this. There's a high potential of scaring off would be reviewers simply because they don't have a professional photo set up. As Beck mentioned in her comment on the other thread, many have only a cell to take pictures with. Some people can't take photos at all.

The pictures are not a requirement, nor is there ever going to be a quality check on the photos. Your vote should be based on the review, not just the pictures. If you're annoyed by the photos, just click away from the review.
Badass Badass
Photos are completely optional. You should be glad the person chose to add photos at all instead of complaining about their quality.
Ansley Ansley
Photos are a touchy subject because as others have said above and in previous threads, they're 100% optional. It's true there are some low quality pictures in some reviews. There are also reviews that are too long or too short or too whatever.

When you read a review, if it answered your questions then it was a useful review. If you walk away feeling like you know more than you did before you opened the page, it's a useful review.

People do the best they can and that should be good enough.
js250 js250
I find all photos to be helpful and am actually grateful someone took the extra time and effort to include them. Pictures of the chest--those often are trying to show the detailing of an outfit--that is where the designers try to be more creative with fitting and decor....
travelnurse travelnurse
I really do try with my pictures, I have usually had good results!
SaiDiscordia SaiDiscordia
I can understand the frustration. The quality of the photos don't bother me too much because I understand that not everyone has a good quality camera to utilize. The thing that would be frustrating is if they posted pictures that do not pertain to the object reviewed. So far I have not ran into that issue.
Beck Beck
The close ups of the chest are usually to show the support or lifting of the breast. Not to show off the reviewers chest.

Often times, these images are taken by the person wearing the garment themselves. It's hard to get pics that aren't somewhat off unless you have a camera with a timer and a tripod. Again, how many people actually have this?

Bad lighting is something that can easily be adjusted in a photo editor, but somethings don't picture right without quality cameras.

Why would a facial shot in lingerie bother anyone? It's likely showing how the top looks. Showing how it highlights the shoulder line. And don't forget how it looks on the overall person. Makes for a pretty useful shot!

I think you are judging images far too harsh. Not everyone is a photography student, nor do they want to spent the time to mess with a photo editor.
*Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
I agree with Beck and Kira, pictures are great if they are included if they aren't then oh well. Lingerie pictures with or without a face shot doesn't bother me I am just thankful someone had the confidence to share the photos for those of us who may want to get that item. I am not trying to talk anyone down, I am not sure if you write reviews on Eden or a blog but if you do you know the work put in to doing them. I have pictures in my reviews because I am a visual person, I also include photos when things don't really match the product page. I don't really ever change the quality of my photos when I take them whether I use my cell phone or my Sanyo point and shoot camera. My cell phone actually takes better pictures then my actual camera, it takes work especially if you crop out the unneeded items or space in the photos. I also "watermark" my photos so others can't use them (not saying anyone from here) but I do that with all my review photos even the ones on my blog. I know I am rambling but the point is I love when others post pictures but I don't get all hell bent when they aren't of amazing quality if they help me figure out what I need to know then they did their job. I don't post lingerie pics cause I am not comfortable with it but I would get such comments as they are too close,not the best quality an so on cause they would be mirror shots or something along those lines since I don't have anyone to take the photos for me. If you don't like the photos I would simply stir away from those reviewers who are known to add photos to their reviews. While that isn't fair to the reviewer it may help you?!
Terri69 Terri69
Only sometimes.
Ryuson Ryuson
Bad photos are more useful than no photos! Also, photos are not required. If you have an EU review with only the text, bad photos certainly don't lower my rating.
Taylor Taylor
Originally posted by Ryuson
Bad photos are more useful than no photos! Also, photos are not required. If you have an EU review with only the text, bad photos certainly don't lower my rating.
That's how I feel. I'd rather see a picture that wasn't perfect than no picture at all.
Lavendar Lavendar
I think most times they are helpful, but sometimes people take terrible photos or one for attention it seems..
Lioncub Lioncub
I don't know about annoyed I just scroll past them if I don't think they are going to help me with a decision. That's why I don't do pics in mine, I don't have a good camera and my phone isn't that great. I would rather not include them than have people complain about them because they weren't perfect.
RedKyuubi RedKyuubi
I do think they should be useful. I dont get annoyed. I just dont look at them
Mikemanz Mikemanz
i'm only irritated when they are MY bad photos!! i've had an awful time trying to photograph some things and for the life of me i can't figure out how to resize them and i don't have time to learn photo editing software - so i use what i can best get
Bex1331 Bex1331
I don't get annoyed I just scroll past them
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