Discussing WEIGHTS of toys in reviews?!

Discussing WEIGHTS of toys in reviews?!

LiftedUp LiftedUp
Yesterday, I was able to find a little extra time to write a review on a toy I bought quite some time ago; the njoy pure plug medium. While writing this review though, it really got me thinking... "How can I accurately portray the weight of this toy to someone who doesn't know?!" because in the particular case of this toy, the weight is one of the great features of it, and to me, was very important.

From there, I started looking around the site. Do you have any idea how many toys are generically listed as weighing 1 lb.?! Take a look... I'll wait. There's tons of them, and there's no way that they all weigh a pound... many of them not even close to it!

The njoy pure plug was no exception, listed as 1 lb. In actuality, the pure plug medium weighs about 7 oz., which is just shy of half a pound... and for those who have held one of these, you know that that's heavy! I finally decided to relate it to a weight that most people would be familiar with; a roll of quarters. Now be honest, that just made the weight of this plug "real" to you, didn't it? Can you know grasp more realistically the heft of this thing?

I think many times we peruse the site and see inaccurate numbers, but even when we see accurate numbers, they often mean nothing, and are just a "another number" to us. I really feel that if we can find a way to make these numbers more "real" to people, it could really serve to improve their shopping experiences. "Gee, I wonder how flimsy the plastic or construction is on this vibrating wand?" "This plug looks good, but I wonder if I'll be able to feel the weight of it?" "I wonder if I'll be able to retain these kegel balls?" "Is this dildo going weigh too much for it's suction cup to stick to a wall?"

All that being said, I must admit, I immediately equate this issue to EF's INGENIOUS solution to SIZE! The "1:1 -> VIEW ACTUAL SIZE" button on many of the toys available here is AWESOME (especially with the slider so I can scale it exactly to a ruler on my monitor), and truly does give people a real idea of how big a given toy is.

So what do you all think? Is there a real desire to see something like this? Do you think that it would start to answer some people's questions on particular toys, and improve peoples shopping experiences, as well? Is something like this worth pursuing? If so, do you have any thoughts or ideas on how to include such a system? Perhaps a list of common objects of set weight, that people can relate to? Or is this not really worth going after? Am I just putting too much emphasis on details? Please share you honest thoughts. Thanks.

*[Realizes that by the end of this, I have inadvertently stepped on my soapbox, and now steps down]*
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ScottA ScottA
Originally posted by LiftedUp
Yesterday, I was able to find a little extra time to write a review on a toy I bought quite some time ago; the njoy pure plug medium. While writing this review though, it really got me thinking... "How can I accurately portray the weight of ...
Good idea, especially for large toys or toys where the weight is a defining factor (such as glass or the Pure Plug)
Jimbo Jones Jimbo Jones
I agree it would be nice to have relevant weights listed. Metal seems like the material where this would have the greatest impact. Aluminum toys are MUCH lighter than their stainless steel counterparts, however. Glass can be pretty heavy as well.
LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
Weight is definitely important to me when choosing some toys and I think this is an excellent idea. A roll of quarters is immediately identified in my brain so much easier than a description of 7oz. I don't know if a scale of common objects is even feasible (Do folks in the UK or Australia know how much a roll of American quarters weighs?) but, it's a great idea for reviewers to try describing the weight of a toy this way.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
I noticed that problem with weighs specifications and toy as well. Made I’m anal about weights and measure but it seems hard to find accurate weight listing for toys. I’m finishing a review of a glass butt plug sources have it listed at 0.4lb which would put it at 6.4 oz. I weighed it on two different scales and it is actually 4.7 oz. (0.3 lb). I don’t know how to relate that to a common object but I agree it hard to get a good idea for the size of toys when purchasing and for thing like butt plugs it can be important.
ToyGeek ToyGeek
Weights listed on retail websites are shipping weights, and anything one pound or less ships at the same cost. Relating a toy's weight to a common object sounds brilliant to me.
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