Lost my editor access?

Contributor: MikeyWayFan MikeyWayFan
On June 17th, I received an email that my request to be an editor was approved. I was so excited! I selected a review right away, made some minor edits, left a comment with suggestions, and returned it to the author for a revision. Three days later, which I understood to be the due date, the author still had not provided a revision. This whole time, I was unable to click on the review to make changes because it was in the hands of the author, not me. I figured that this would be taken into account for the three-day deadline.

The next day, the review was gone. Under My Tasks, instead of saying that the review was awaiting revision, there was no review at all. Instead, it said that I hadn't taken any tasks! So I thought, okay, maybe it went back to the Task Market since the author didn't revise it?

But then I went to the Task Market, and that, too, was empty. It simply said, "There are no tasks yet". Now, on the page where I originally submitted my request to become an editor, it says that I have to submit a request! But I already did this, and I was already approved! What is going on?

I submitted a support ticket about this, but with all that's going on, I know it may be awhile before I get an answer, and I understand that. I just wanted to post this to see if this has happened to anyone else, or if anyone knows what's going on. I was really looking forward to being an editor, and I don't know what happened.

Thanks for reading.
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Contributor: MikeyWayFan MikeyWayFan
I just clicked on the "Submit a request (required)" link and saw, below the text box for submitting a request, a comment that my previous request to become an editor had been declined. I know this isn't true, because I have an email saying that my request was approved, and I did in fact select a task from the Task Market and started editing it. I'm so confused!
Contributor: CamoCutie CamoCutie
This happened with my sisters old account. She deleted because of everything happening with Eden, but I have decided maybe they deserve another chance, IMO. They are a business and have to do what they need to do to stay financially stable.

Obviously being new I don't know why this happened, but from what she had told me was, she received an email after applying stating that she was approved. She edited for two days, reaching the max each day, because the task market was so full. Come back the third day and she could not take any task, said there were no task, so she went into her dashboard where she applied and she as well had the same message saying she was denied.

She went into the forums to see if there was an answer in the "Update on the task market" and a contributor had said that they were watching what task people were taking, a lot of the newbies were taking the 400 point task and leaving all the older 250 point task for whoever. Her first day she took all three 250 point task, then her second day she took all 400 point task. Not really realizing it, she was just trying to mix it up a little bit, publishing older reviews and newer reviews. On the third day when she realized she couldn't do anything she looked at some of the reviews she had edited and she was getting voted of poorly edited, when IMO I thought they were good. Not only does she run them through word for spelling and grammar, but she also runs them through another site she uses. She has always done this with her writing, ever since middle school. So I figured between getting poorly voted for and the fact that she took 400 point reviews one day, is why she got kicked off.

She never asked why, but if you can get an answer from an admin as to why it happened to you, maybe her and I will have a better understanding of why also.
Contributor: Ansley Ansley
First, I want to say the person who started the thread on the task market has never been a staff member of Edenfantasys. She had no authority to post the things she did.

Here's what happened: the task market was overwhelmed with reviews from amnesty week, we added people, and then we made the changes to the points program. As soon as that happened people started blanking reviews out and/or publishing nasty reviews regarding EF's policies. This was unacceptable and people in the editing program were pushing these out. Not knowing who to trust at that point, all but four people were removed from the Eden Tasks program.

We've slowly started to add people back on an individual basis. If you would like to be reconsidered, please send me a private message.
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